Boiler Manufacturers

While we invite you to review our complete line of boiler manufacturers listed on this page, the boiler market today has become more specific, more technologically challenging and much more complex than the boilers of even a generation ago. In addition, new regulations specific to each air district are already mandating the emission levels required for different boiler types. Because of this complexity we strongly encourage you to contact one of our offices and speak directly with a local representative. Our team can help evaluate your needs and offer a comprehensive overview of the available products that could fit your exact application. Once your product is installed our service and maintenance team can help keep it working efficiently for years to come. Contact Information

Boiler Manufacturers

          Cleaver Brooks | VISIT THIS WEBSITE

R.F. MacDonald Co. is the exclusive, authorized Cleaver Brooks representative in California and Nevada.

Cleaver Brooks is the leader in packaged boilers and boiler room equipment. They deliver Packaged Firetube Boilers to 1800 HP, Commercial Boilers to 12,500,000 Btu/Hr, Industrial Steam Boilers to 300,000 lbs/hr, Coates Electric Boilers, Industrial low-NOx burners, Deaerators, Boiler Feed Systems, Reverse Osmosis, Water Softeners, Chemical Feeders, Energy Conservation Oxygen Trim and Heat Recovery Equipment.

Previously owned Cleaver Brooks Boiler Units are available for sale or rent

- Firetube Boilers
- Deaerators
- Feedwater Systems
- Water Systems
- Industrial Watertube
- High Turndown Burners
- CB-Hawk
- 02 Trim Systems
- Condensing
- Non-condensing
- Low Emission
- Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

          Fulton | VISIT THIS WEBSITE
Fulton is a global manufacturer of steam boilers, hot water and hydronic boilers, thermal fluid heaters, temperature control units, custom engineered systems, boiler rooms and a full range of ancillary equipment.

- Vertical Tubeless
- Pulse Combustion Hot Water Boilers

- Pulse Combustion Steam Boilers - Thermal Fluid Heaters

Industrial Combusion delivers complete combustion and maximum efficiency burners, pacapcities to 63,000,000 BTUH, NOx levles as low as 9PPM.
- LN-Series
- S1-Series
- Accessories
- D-Series
- M-Series
- H-Series
- K-Series

          Camus Hydronics | VISIT THIS WEBSITE
CAMUS Hydronics, Ltd. is a manufacturer of an extensive line of gas fired copper tube boilers for Hydronic Heating and Hot Water Supply, with input capacities to 6MM BTUH, efficiencies to 95+% and NOx levels below 10 ppm.
- DynaFlame
- Smartflame
- DynaMax
- Microflame

THERMAFLO Engineering company manufactures a complete line of heat transfer systems
  • "Iron Horse" Packaged Steam Fired Water Heater - Compact size and vertical construction
  • "Zero Flash" Packaged Steam Fired Water Heater accepting steam pressures up to 130 psig
  • "Vacuflo" Steam Fired Water Heater - accepts up to 130 psig steam and controls exchanger pressure in a constant vacuum while controlling outlet hot waterWater
  • "Thermaflo" Hot Water Storage System - offers instant response to your hot water demands
  • "TCHS" vertical and horizontal clean steam generators

New generation industrial burners engineered to have the highest performance and lowest emissions. Some of the top-performing burners on the market, ranging from 20 to 600 MMBTU/hr capacities for single and multi-burner boiler applications.

          Nebraska Boiler  | VISIT THIS WEBSITE
Shop Assembled and Field Erected Industrial Watertube Steam boilers to 300,000 pph, available in D, A and O types, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)

Cannon Boiler Works | VISIT THIS WEBSITE
Heat Transfer Equipment, Economizers, Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Waste Heat Boilers, Vent Condensers

Invensys / Sensus | VISIT THIS WEBSITE
(Formerly Rockwell & Equimeter) Gas Pressure Regulators, Diaphragm Meters, Turbo Meters. A full-line, global supplier of measurement, pressure regulation and electronic volume correction equipment for the natural gas industry, since 1886. A company repositioning itself to be the energy industry's preferred, performance-based partner in measurement services.

Algas and Sam Dick Industries  | VISIT THIS WEBSITE
Manufacturer of LPG Equipment

Shipco Pumps manufactures a complete line of condensate return units, vacuum assist and underground units and condensate pumps.

A complete line of the highest quality temperature and pressure instrumentation and controls for a number of different industries

Venting and Exhaust Systems



New Product Announcements

CB Clearfire Model CFC
High efficiency suitable for central heating and indirect hot water supply
>> product site

Camus DynaMAX Series
Gas fired condensing boiler with up to 97% efficiency. Available in Hydronic Heating, Hot Water Supply and Combination models.
>> product site

CB-NATCOM Industrial Burners
New generation industrial burners, engineered to have the highest performance and lowest emissions.
>> product sheet

Fulton Thermal Fluid Heaters
New generation industrial burners, engineered to have the highest performance and lowest emissions.
>> product sheet

A totally integrated control system embodying precise boiler/burner management control and safety with logic based ancillary devices and functions.
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