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As a boiler operator or owner you may be feeling overwhelmed at the amount of information and technical details that you are now required to understand, and rightly so. The new regulations throughout the state are complicated and in many cases there is no quick fix to the compliance solution. That is why we at R.F. MacDonald Co. created this special informational website section – to arm you with as much information, in as easily accessible a format as possible.

Documentation Downloads
Low NOx Capabilities - Ultra Low NOx and SCR services for boiler operators
Boiler Service Brochure - Service options for boiler operators
Boiler Line Card Brochure - Overview of our boiler manufacturers NEW
Mobile Boiler Rooms - Temporary transportable boiler rooms
Rental and Preowned Boilers - Preowned boilers for rent or sale
Boiler Training Classes - Summary of Boiler Operator classes

NEW AQMD FAQ Videos on YOU TUBE | Visit the You Tube Site
• What are the penalties if I do not meet new AQMD Rules? Answer
• What types of boilers must meet the new AQMD Rules? Answer
• What are my options in meeting new AQMD Rules? Answer
• Can my local utility Company help pay for some of the equipment needed to meet new AQMD Rules? Answer
• What if I have multiple boilers? Answer
• How can I meet new rules if I operate in a 24/7 environment? Answer
• Who is exempt from new AQMD Rules? Answer

We install over 2500 new boilers and service thousands of units every year and we have provided a number of case studies that show how we have helped many companies achieve ultra low NOx in their region. Whether your business is a hospital, manufacturing plant, food and beverage processor, commercial building or school, R.F. MacDonald Co. has worked with your type of business.

Online Presentations | VIEW ALL presentations
We have created a number of online audio visual presentations that can help you understand some of the important elements for Low NOx. These presentations are easy to listen to and can help get you up to speed on a number of different topics.

NOx Talk | VIEW ALL Podcasts
This audio podcast is available from our website several times per month and features interviews with key industry personalities, as well as information that helps you keep on top of the NOx issues. Tune in to keep current on all the NOx news.

Questions welcome | Contact an Office Near You
If you have specific questions regarding your equipment, operation or location - don't hesitate to call. We are here to help you obtain compliance and maintain compliance.




New SCR Case Studies
Read how we have been assisting companies with the design and installation of this clean burning, long lasting and efficient operating system.

Ultra Low NOx Capabilities
This audio visual presentation provides an overview of our services in this emerging low emission market.