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If you have a boiler in the Bay Area, San Joaquin or South Coast Air Districts you may need to decrease your boiler emissions to new mandated levels. While this calculator is intended to give you a glimpse at your required NOx ppm level, there are many exceptions and additional rules that may affect your emission level and deadline requirements. Data on this calculator is provided for information purposes only, it is not to be used for local Air District compliance. Please use the contact options within the calculator to contact R.F. MacDonald Co. to get more details on your specific situation.

NOTE: The below survey is for boilers using Natural Gas or Propane as a primary fuel. For other primary fuels, please contact an R.F. MacDonald Co. representative.

PART 1 - Enter Your Boiler Information
This calculator is for boilers using Natural Gas or Propane as the primary fuels. For other primary fuels, contact an R.F MacDonald Co. representative.

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