FRP Tanks, Trenches, Drains and Corrosion Resistant Products

R.F. MacDonald Co. services and sells boilers, pumps, composites and accessories for commercial and industrial applications.

FRP Tanks & Trenches

ABT, Inc. offers surface drainage solutions and produces high quality polymer concrete. ABT’s tanks, trenches and drains are best suited for commercial, industrial, residential and transportation applications.

• Precast Trench Drain
• Cast in Place
• Environmental Products
• Low Impact Development


Precast Trench Drain
  Polydrain PDX 6″ – 24″
  Polydrain Shallow
  Interceptor Super Slope
  Paver Grate
  Vector Drain

Cast in Place
  Trenchformer TFX
  Trenchformer MHD
  Trenchformer XHD

Environmental Products
  Oil-Water Separator
  Trench Former First Flush
  Polydrain First Flush