When your operation needs temporary, overflow or additional boiler capabilities - you don't have to wait! Call any of our offices and have immediate delivery of a rental or mobile boiler. Our package boilers and trailer mounted equipment is expertly maintained and offers a reliable temporary operation for your facility. All of our equipment has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and is able to meet even the most stringent emission control regulations within California and Nevada.


Quick Response - Fast Easy Installation - Fully Serviced


Firetube Steam Boilers
16 HP/100 PSI Electric | Info Sheet
100 HP/150 PSI | Info Sheet
150 HP/150 PSI | Info Sheet
250 HP/150 PSI | Info Sheet
400 HP/150 PSI | Info Sheet
600 HP/150 PSI | Info Sheet

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Watertube Steam Boilers
36,000 lbs per hr
and above
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Domestic and
Hot Water Heating Boilers

250 HP /150 PSI | Info Sheet
Camus Hot Water Skid | Info Sheet

250 HP and below
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Mobile Steam Plants
50 HP /150 PSI | Info Sheet
100 HP /150 PSI | Info Sheet
350 HP /250 PSI | Info Sheet
500 HP /250 PSI | Info Sheet
600 HP /250 PSI | Info Sheet


Auxiliary Equipment
Complete Dearator and
Feed Water System Available
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While all of this equipment is available for rent or lease with short term and long term rated pricing, we also offer a large array of previously owned equipment. These preowned boilers, pumps and ancillary equipment are all serviced to excellent mechancial standards and can be a cost effective alternative for some facilities.

Call your nearest office for pricing and availability and our representatives will assist you in finding the right equipment for your rental needs.


Mobile & Rental Boiler
Mini Case Studies

A Large Casino required steam production during the construction of a new boiler plant. The challenge of a temporary boiler steam plant within a small confine and busy grounds was easily met.

A Large Hospital required around the clock production of steam for their operation while their aging boiler was fully removed and replaced. The ultra-low emission temporary boiler maintained the operations during the entire process of demo and install.

A Large Hospital required reliable temporary steam generation to meet critical care needs of the hospital during a boiler retube project. The facility experienced no down time during the entire maintenance window of six months.

A Large Manufacturing Plant required a mobile steam plant during the construction of a new central utility plant within their building. The temporary steam plant ensured that their existing operation could continue during the construction process.