Goulds Pumps New
Double Suction Vertical Pumps

Goulds Pumps announced the release of four new hydraulic model double suction pumps. The hydraulic range has flow rates from 1,500 to 60,000 GPM, and heads in one stage from 100 to 600 feet at best efficiency point. This new range complements and extends the existing product lines.

Integrated into Existing VIT & VIC Product Lines
The new double suction range was integrated into the existing VIT and VIC product lines to increase competitiveness by improving NPSH performance, and reducing overall pump length. The new range is packaged with existing sump pump products for dirty liquid pumping at larger flow rates, as well as existing API BB3 products to complete the oil pipeline applications portfolio.

New high-suction specific-speed designs enhance the larger condensate pump offering for central power stations. This enables new product initiatives in larger BB4 and BB5 pump types, including the Large Vertical Circulating Water Pumps WC-GP series.

Advantages of Double Suction Impellers
Double suction impellers in vertically suspended pumps have two inherent advantages over the more common vertical turbine pumps with single-suction impellers. First, double suction impellers require less NPSH than single suction pumps. This advantage is important in larger pump sizes, particularly for high-speed pumping applications over 3,500 GPM at 1,800 RPM, because pump length is determined by NPSH requirements. Second, particularly for VS2-S pumps, double suction designs can pump liquids with higher suspended solid concentrations without the bearing wear commonly associated with vertical turbine pumps.

Applications for this product include Boiler Feed Systems, Condensate, Ammonia Transfer, Pipeline Booster, Irrigation, and Deep Wells.

Product Information

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