Fulton Passes 20 Year Test Challenge

The Endura boiler has run a flawless simulation for more than two decades.

After 20 years of ignition events in a laboratory setting, the EDR+ 3000 reached 155,000 ignition cycles. This method of reliability and durability testing is unique to the industry and sets a new benchmark for this type of simulated testing. In aggregate, the regularly altered testing variables simulated a range of installation environments.

Testing Conditions
• Sealed combustion to vary inlet air temperature and connection to a pump skid to create variances in water temperature.
• Gas pressure modulation to create a wide range in supply pressures.

While many popular commercial heating products commonly have lifespans of less than 10 years, Fulton believes the longevity of the EDR+ will propel commercial heating boilers to new durability and reliability standards.

Source: Fulton Boiler Works

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