Hands-On Pump Workshop - Modesto, CA

Hands-On Pump Workshop – Modesto

Hands-On Pump Training 

Pump Training


Hands-On Pump TrainingDATE & TIME
April 10-11, 2018
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Both Days
R.F. MacDonald Co.
1549 Cummins Drive
Modesto, CA 95358
$1,300 – Includes continental breakfast and lunch both days and training materials. Pay with credit card or company PO.
This two-day course is designed for Maintenance and Operator Personnel who are responsible for repairing and troubleshooting centrifugal pumps and mechanical seals. It is also sutiable for engineers who want hands-on experience. CWEA and AFE Certified.

• Expanded version of our Basic Pump & Mechanical Seal Training.
• More one on one attention and opportunity to experience and learn.
• Complete disassemble and reassemble an ANSI Process Pump.
• Identify proper settings of mechanical seals, bearings, impellers, shafts, sleeves.
• Identify mechanical seal failure and conduct a root cause analysis.
• Experience the maintenance pros and cons of cartridge versus component seals.
• Disassemble a used cartridge seal and inspect for damage and wear.
• Discuss different stuffing box designs and their advantages / disadvantages.
• Discuss packing, style, benefits and installation tips.
• Analyze impeller and casing wear patterns and provide likely causes.
• Troubleshoot causes of premature bearing failure.
• Identify different bearing wear patterns and their root cause.
• Learn the importance of proper lubrication types and amounts.
• Know the differences and benefits of labyrinth, magnetic and lip seal designs.
• Learn precision checks for run out of stuffing box and impeller, bearing fits, shaft run outs and concentricity.
• Shaft straightening techniques.
• Learn the do’s and don’t of dial indicators and the advantage of laser alignment.
• Review proper pump installation and start-up techniques.
• Demonstrate an actual base plate install with proper mounting and leveling.
• Learn cost saving repair techniques and predictive maintenance.
Attendees will be given a completion certificate approved by the CWEA (California Water Environment Association) and the AFE (Association for Facilities Engineering), which can be applied towards the continuing education requirement for recertification.
Total time for the course is (16) hours. There will be a (1) hour overview on the basic components of a centrifugal pump and its function. The course is conducted in a classroom / shop environment. There will be (10) pump stations with (2) students assigned to each station for maximum hands-on learning. Class will therefore be limited to no more than (20) students.