ITT Goulds ProCast Reverse Engineering Capabilities

replace obsolete pump parts

R.F. MacDonald Co. and ITT Goulds ProCast complete entire 3-D scan of 22″ pump impeller at a Bay Area oil refinery to reverse engineer obsolete pump parts

ITT Goulds Pumps PRO Service Centers recondition all types of pumps and rotating equipment with a high-tech ITT Goulds ProCast service. Each pump receives OEM replacement parts and is restored to its original specification.

Having serviced over 16,000 parts for various markets including oil & gas, mining & minerals, power generation, chemicals, municipal, and more, ITT Goulds ProCast is a solution for customers looking for rapid supply of replacement parts that may be deemed obsolete by the original manufacturer. Using global engineering center capabilities, regional manufacturer resources, and state-of-the-art technology, ProCast re-engineers these each part to improve hydraulic performance and solve performance issues. With over 3,200 employees across 16 global locations, ITT Goulds Pumps PRO Service Centers are meant to service any repair need.

Using FARO ScanArm technology imaging at 24,000 points per second to resolutions within a few thousandths of an inch/centimeter, ITT Goulds ProCast technicians will capture every nuance of the original product, rendering complex geometries and free-form surfaces to absolute perfection. Using these data results, delicately cast components can be rendered with precision into a 3D modeling software, then engineers can perfect the re-design of the specific component using a combination of the image results, relevant resources, and potential modifications. Each modification is made after carefully calculating improvements to the unit’s performance and life cycle. An advanced simulation software and time-proven processes assure that the final product will satisfy the repair needs. ProCast solutions vary from process as simple as material upgrades or one repaired component to the complex modifications of improving a complete pump unit.

Do you have a pump at the center of a critical operation sitting idle because a part failed and no direct replacement is available? ITT Goulds ProCast re-Engineering is the solution for you. Contact your local R.F. MacDonald office to connect with an ITT Goulds ProCast representative for an immediate quote and solution ready to go.

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ITT Goulds Pumps PRO Services have worked on components from the various manufacturers including Sulzer, Ahlstrom, Warren, Flowserve, Durco, I-R, Worthington, Bingham, Warman, KSB, Impco, Sunds, Lightnin, Nash, Kamyr, Bird Machines, Black-Clawson, Beloit , Beloit-Jones, Voith and many more.