Commercial ClearFire-CE Hydronic Condensing Boiler — Hot Water Only

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CB Boiler Model CFC-E

CB Boiler Model CFC-E

Cleaver Brooks Boiler Condensing CFC-EThe ClearFire-CE (CFC-E) is a compact, high-mass, fully condensing hydronic boiler, capable of variable-flow pumping, allowing for maximum operating efficiency in a variety of system applications.

• Fully condensing high-mass firetube boiler
• Compact footprint
• 500 to 2,000 MBTU
• Standard less than 20 ppm NOx
• Variable flow capable with no minimum flow requirement
• Standard dual-return connections

Product Overview

The ClearFire-CE (CFC-E) is a fully assembled, high-mass firetube condensing boiler with a large-water-volume pressure vessel. The high-mass design equates to a low pressure drop, reducing pumping energy with no minimum flow requirements.

The pressure vessel is also thermal shock proof, capable of high-delta-T system designs to maximize condensing and reduce flow rates. The highly effective fireside heating surface with industry leading AluFer® tubes leads to superior efficiencies in all operating conditions.

The modulating, premix burner control automatically adjusts the air/gas mixture for maximum burner efficiency. The linkageless burner provides 5:1 fully modulating turndown without the use of complex air/fuel mixing valves or mechanical devices.

The dual-return connections have the ability to increase condensing in the boiler and raise efficiencies by 6%+ more than a single-return boiler.

The ClearFire-CE provides the reliability and longevity that customers expect from Cleaver-Brooks. The CFC-E is designed to leverage the advantages of primary-variable-flow pumping systems with a small overall footprint, offering system flexibility and true operational efficiency without compromise.


• True counterflow-arrangement heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer
• High-mass design in a compact footprint, ideal for retrofit applications
• Duplex stainless steel combustion chamber, tubes and tubesheet offer excellent corrosion resistance
• Dual-temperature returns for additional energy savings potential
• Falcon total boiler control with lead-lag capability up to 8 boilers
• Quiet operation, <70 dBA sound level at 3 feet
• Fresh-air inlet connection for direct-vent combustion air
• Low waterside pressure drop for reduced pumping energy requirements
• Hinged burner for easy access
• Thermal shock resistant
• cULus listed


• Lower fuel costs
• Improved boiler and system efficiency
• Lower emissions
• Redundancy
• Improved system turndown
• Reduced footprint


• Office Buildings
• Medical Office Buildings
• Process
• Heating
• Industrial Process