Hydronic Copper Fin Boiler — DynaMax

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Camus Boiler Model DynaMax

Camus Model DynaMax

Camus Boiler Model DynaMaxThe DynaMax HS is a gas fired condensing boiler with up to 97% efficiency. It was developed for residential and commercial applications and is available in Hydronic Heating, Hot Water Supply and Combination models.

• Up to 97% efficiency
• Approved plastic venting up to 100 feet
• Up to 150 PSI Relief Valves
• Onboard digital operating control
• Fully modulating with 5:1 turndown
• Stainless steel heat exchanger
• Available Natural Gas or LP

Performance Highlights:

• Thru wall exhaust vent (vertical or horizontal) with 3 air intake options:
  – outside air sealed direct
  – outside air
  – indoor air
• Extremely low NOx
• Fail Safe high limit w/Manual reset
• Flow proving
• Direct spark ignition
• Zero clearance to combustibles
• Boiler Circulating pump
• Neutralizer Kit
• Many more standard features
• Several Optional features available such as Rack kits, and more

Control Panel Highlights:

• Multi-line LCD display
• Temp. readings, status boiler response
• Boiler faults shown in text
• User and Installer access
• Hydronic heating with outdoor rest and/or remote enable signal
• Instantaneous domestic hot water priority with plate heat exchanger
• Domestic hot water priority with direct/indirect storage tank utilizing a DHW sensor or aquastat
• Analog input signal (4-20mA or 0-10Vdc)
• Lead lag operation up to 8 boilers
• Standard Modbus communication
• Available with BacnetMSTP, BacnetIP, LonWorks or MetasysN2 comm. protocol
• DHW pump contact
• Boiler modulates to shut down on flue gas high temperature detection
• Alarm contacts
• System sensor is included
• 15-item error lockout history
• 15-item alert history
• Fahrenheit/Celcius temperature readout
• UL353 approved outlet high limit