Industrial Classic Steam Vertical Tubeless Boiler — Steam, Hot Water

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Fulton Boiler Model Classic

Fulton Boiler Model Classic

Fulton Boiler Model ClassicThe Classic is Fulton’s original vertical tubeless boiler, available for steam or hot water applications. Simple, compact, and trouble-free, more than 100,000 Classic boilers have been sold around the world to virtually every type of industry imaginable.

The Classic features efficiencies to 80% and oil and/or gas capabilities with Low Emissions burner (gas only), all packaged and trimmed for your heavy-duty application.

• Simple Design with Proven Reliability
• Compact Design & Small Footprint
• Wide Range of Sizes


• Brewing & Distillation
• Chemical Processing
• Clean Steam & Humidification
• Commercial Packaging
• Food Processing
• Healthcare
• Dry Cleaning & Industrial Laundries
• Paper Processing
• Pharmaceutical Processing
• Textiles
• Custom Applications