Edge Steam Vertical Tubeless Boiler — Steam Only

R.F. MacDonald Co. services and sells boilers, pumps, composites and accessories for commercial and industrial applications.

Fulton Boiler Model Edge

Fulton Boiler Model Edge

Fulton Boiler Model EdgeThe Edge is Fulton’s Classic boiler with an engineered Flue Gas Enhancing (FGE) system for increased efficiencies up to 84% using a grid of heat convection fins over which high-velocity flue gases travel. The fins radiate additional heat evenly to the outer side of the water vessel, increasing the boiler’s efficiency while still maintaining its longevity.

• Efficiencies up to 84%
• Oil and/or gas capabilities
• Low Emissions burner (gas only)
• Small Footprint – Compact Design
• Flue Gas Enhancing System


• Brewing & Distillation
• Chemical Processing
• Clean Steam & Humidification
• Commercial Packaging
• Food Processing
• Healthcare
• Dry Cleaning & Industrial Laundries
• Paper Processing
• Pharmaceutical Processing
• Textiles
• Custom Applications