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ITT Goulds Model NM 3171 Pump

ITT Goulds Pump Model NM 3171

ITT Goulds NM 3171 Pump
The Model NM 3171 is designed for severe corrosive applications, while its casing and impeller are interchangeable with Model NM 3196. The composite material used is a cost-effective alternative to high alloys.

  • • Capacities up to 1,250 GPM
  • • Heads up to 300 feet
  • • Temperatures up to 200°F
  • • Pit Depths up to 16 feet


Using the Model NM 3171 Pump

  • All pump parts in contact with pumpage are constructed of glass reinforced vinylester or polyester resin (except for the shaft and hardware, which are of an allow selected for compatibility with the type of pumpage)

  • Mechanical reliability oversized double row thrust bearing accommodates entire range of NM 3171 sizes (bearing is greased for life as standard for minimum maintenance)

  • Superior column bearing performance is assured by a special RULON ® bearing, a polymetric fluoropolymer material designed specially for use with high alloy shafting to provide a significant advantage

  • Ideal for pumping chemical/petrochemical pumpage, coal pine runoff, sea water, demineralized water, electroplating rinses, deionized water, pollution control, and other industrial processes

  • The Goulds NM 3196 is a horizontal version of the Model NM 3171 and utilizes the same materials to perform at the same efficiency
    The ideal pump is determined by the preferred installation

  • Vinylester thermoset resin is the industry’s choice for moderate corrosives and the NM 3171 reaches maximum strength but fiber reinforcement


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