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ITT Goulds Model 3910 Pump

ITT Goulds Pump Model 3910 API

ITT Goulds 3910

Vertical In-Line Process Pump

The Goulds Model 3910 API 610 vertical in-line process pump provides benefits of low installation costs and space savings without compromising reliability, maintainability, safety or hydraulic performance.

  • • Capacities up to 6,000 GPM
  • • Heads up tp 750 feet
  • • Temperatures up to 650°F
  • • Pressures up to 600 PSIG


  • Shaft and bearings are the same as the ones used with the Goulds Model 3700 horizontal process pump, which the components are a proven design preferred for the toughest services

  • The Model 3910 suction design is the result of extensive model and full-scale testing, resulting in NPSH requirements being minimized. Design assures streamlined, even flow into impeller eye; reduces losses encountered in conventional suction designs

  • While absorbing and dissipating heat conducted through the shaft, the heat flinger component also circulates air between liquid end and power end to reduce heat build-up

  • Bearing frame, seal chamber, bearings, shaft, mechanical seal, impeller and wear rings are all completely interchangeable with the Goulds Model 3700 radially-split, overhung process pumps. The entire back pull-out assembly is interchangeable with the Model 3710

  • Accommodates specific user operating requirements for trouble-free operation


  • Condensate
  • Digester Recirculation
  • Reflux
  • Stripper Feed
  • Reactor Feed
  • Scrubber Circulation
  • Acid
  • Fractionator Reflux
  • Finishing Column Bottoms
  • Caustic
  • Stripper Overhead Product


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