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Steam Humidifiers

Steam Humidifiers

While R.F. MacDonald Co. has primarily competed in the industrial market, we have always offered our services to the Commercial Industry: corporate offices, apartment buildings, manufacturing facilities, lab facilities and schools. As of 2019, R.F. MacDonald Co. now sells the entire Commercial package too: boilers, pumps, tanks, heat exchangers, cooling towers and humidifiers.

SX Humidifier

steam humidifier - sx

• Uses standard water
• Deionized, demineralized or reverse osmosis
• Steam free from chemical, mineral carry-over

SX Humidifier

steam humidifier - SI

• Highly efficient steam release
• Condensate-free, PURE steam
• Can be designed into any system

EC Humidifier

Humidifier EC

• Electric cabinet style humidifier
• Compact for easy installation & maintenance
• Capacities reach up to 102 lbs/hr

ER Humidifier

Steam Humidifier - ER

• Best for limited installation space
• Uses standard tap water
• Deionized, demineralized or reverse osmosis

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