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R.F. MacDonald Co. has created a comprehensive collection of white papers to assist our customers with decisions about products and services we offer. These reports are written by experts in engineering and service. Topics include technical or business benefits, tips, Q&As and recommendations.

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Taco Pumps Decreases Hotel Operating Costs by Upgrading Its Hot Water Control System

Taco has developed a unique comprehensive program for the hospitality industry designed to maximize guest comfort and decrease operating costs.
Category: Commercial Pumps
Source: Taco Comfort Solutions
In today’s competitive hospitality industry, deriving more revenue from a property is critical. This can be accomplished by increasing occupancy rates, decreasing expenses or a combination of these two key contributors that make up the “bottom line”. Taco has focused on both of these aspects of property ownership, evaluating ways to increase guest comfort because increased guest comfort results in repeat stays and higher occupancy rates. In addition, significant operating savings result in improved financial results. It’s the equivalent of higher occupancy rates. It’s like adding rooms without making the investment in construction. Read more
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