R.F. MacDonald Co. Company Vision and Mission Statement

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

RFM - Vision and MissionR.F. MacDonald Co. will continue to be the leader in market share, sales volume, technological innovation, and service capabilities for the mutual benefit of our company, employees, customers and principal suppliers in the markets that we serve. We will continue to pursue these goals through integrity and persistence.
We will continue to be competitive to assure value to our customers and continually challenge our efficiency. We will be profitable to ensure our long term growth, economic health and ability to continually reinvest in our company.

Employee Recognition

R.F. MacDonald Co. will continue to promote open communication, respect, fairness and advancement opportunities for all employees to create a working environment that makes employment at our company both desirable and rewarding.

Customer Recognition

R.F. MacDonald Co. will continue to provide our commercial and industrial customers with the highest quality mechanical systems equipment, related supplies, replacement parts, repair, maintenance and other value added services that exceed their quality, delivery, performance and reliability expectations.

Principal Supplier Recognition

R.F. MacDonald Co. will continue to seek and retain relationships with principal suppliers that share our vision and goals. They will be treated with the same respect and service as our fellow employees and mutual customers.
Our goal is to continue to provide a win-win for all our partners in all activities we undertake. We believe in the philosophy that our good business reputation and long term success grows because it is firmly rooted in the solid ground of customer, employee and supplier satisfaction.