Boilers and Pumps — Industry, Commercial, Food & Beverage, Municipal

Boiler Industries


R.F. MacDonald Co. sells and services boilers in the following industries: Food & Beverage, General Industry, Commercial and Municipal. While Food & Beverage often falls under General Industry, we separated it because of our strong presence in the Food & Beverage Industry. General Industry encompasses Food Processing, Industrial Facilities, Wineries, Hospitals and Power Plants.

While R.F. MacDonald Co. has primarily competed in the industrial market since our founding, we have always offered our services to the Commercial Industry. With increasingly strict emissions regulations boilers in general have increasingly reduced in size, perfectly melding into the size of Commercial boilers. As of 2019, R.F. MacDonald Co. now sell the entire Commercial package: boilers, pumps, tanks, heat exchangers and coil kits.