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R.F. MacDonald Co. exclusively represents the following boiler manufacturers within California and Nevada: Cleaver-Brooks, Camus Hydronics, CB Natcom, CB Nebraska Boiler and Cannon Boiler Works.

While there are many aftermarket boiler accessory manufacturers, R.F. MacDonald Co. has access to the highest quality products from Industrial Combustion, ThermaFlo Engineering, Invensus/Sensus, Algas SDI, Shipco Pumps, Trerice and Van Packer.


Boiler Manufacturer - Cleaver-Brooks Logo
California & Nevada

Camus Hydronics

Commercial Boilers
California & Nevada

ThermaFlo Engineering

Boiler Manufacturer - Thermaflo Engineering Logo
California & Nevada

CB Nebraska Boiler

Boiler Manufacturer - CB Nebraska Boiler Logo
California & Nevada


Boiler Manufacturer - Invensus-Sensus Logo
California & Nevada

Shipco Pumps

Boiler Manufacturer - Shipco Pumps Logo
California & Nevada

Industrial Combustion

Boiler Manufacturer - Industrial Combustion Logo
California & Nevada

CB Natcom

Boiler Manufacturer - CB Natcom Logo
California & Nevada

Cannon Boiler Works

Boiler Manufacturer - Cannon Boiler Works Logo
California & Nevada

Algas SDI

Boiler Manufacturer - Algas SDI Logo
California & Nevada


Boiler Manufacturer - Trerice Logo
California & Nevada

Van Packer Company

Boiler Manufacturer - Van Packer Logo
California & Nevada