RFMCO Represents Hexonic Heat Exchangers in CA and NV

heat exchangers made in america

RFMCO represents Hexonic in CA & NV, offering Shell & Tube, Shell & Coil, Tube-in-Tube, Plate & Frame and Brazed Plate heat exchangers for industrial & commercial applications

Hexonic is a family-owned company in Poland founded in 1988, manufacturing heat exchangers and pressure vessels. As of 2024, Hexonic assembles all its heat exchangers in South Carolina, allowing for shorter lead times to California and Nevada. And all heat exchangers are assembled in accordance with ASME codes.

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Model HAD Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers

• Easy installation
• Saving space
• Low operating costs
• High efficiency
• Made according to PED and ASME codes

• HVAC systems
• Steam applications
• Heating and cooling systems
• Heat exchange in industrial processes
• Oil coolers

Working Parameters
• Max. temperature: 482° F
• Min. temperature: -4°F
• Max. pressure: 363 PSIHexonic-HAD-Shell-Tube-Heat-Exchanger

Model H Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers

• Saving space – compact size and vertical installation reduce space needs for installation
• High efficiency – higher heat exchange coefficient from corrugated tubes and increased flow turbulence
• Made according to PED codes

• HVAC systems
• Steam applications
• Food industry
• Brewing industry
• Beverage manufacturing
• Oil manufacturing
• Clean-In-Place (CIP) stations
• Chemical industry
• District cooling
• Cooling systems

Working Parameters
• Max. temperature: 392°F
• Max. pressure: 232 PSI
• Max. temperature: 392°F
• Max. pressure: 232 PSI


Model RAD Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers

• Optimized for modern A2L refrigerants like r32, r452b, r454b and propane r290
• Highly resistant to corrosion – made of high-alloy austenitic stainless steel
• Easy assembly and small footprint
• High thermal efficiency with high-performance superheating using well, river or lake water
• Even refrigerant distribution with low maldistribution risk
• Manufactured in accordance with ASME, PED codes
• Proven technology with thousands of units operating in the field

• Ground source heat pumps

Working Parameters
Shell side (water)
• Max. Pressure: 232 PSI
• Max. Temperature: 392°F
Coil side (refrigerant)
• Max. Pressure: 652 PSI
• Max. Temperature: 266°F

Model DNA Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

• Significantly higher heat transfer rates comparing to standard solutions
• More efficient operation in high volume applications (e.g. flue gas, hot air, low pressure steam)
• High mechanical resistance
• The construction enables to obtain smaller, much lighter and material saving device

• Effective turbulent and vortex flow
• Increases heat transfer coefficient up to double values
• Effective heat transfer area
• Homogeneous distribution of flow and velocity field
• Flexible tube bundle
• Low pressure drop
• No dead spots
• Baffle-free
• No need of shell compensator
• Elimination of vibration
• Large heat transfer area in compact construction
• Ideal for high volume media

• Low pressure steam condensers
• Industrial and chemical processes
• Recuperation and regeneration in industrial technologies
• Waste heat recovery – diesel and gas engines, cogeneration
• Water and steam systems, cooling circuits

Working Parameters
• Max. temp.: 397°F /203°C
• Min. temp.: -4°F /-20°C
• Max. pressure:
Shell side: 145 PSI /10 bar
Tubes side: 232 PSI /16 bar

Model P-Line Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers

• Designed to operate in pharmaceutical production, meets the highest hygienic standards
• 3-A certified
• Manufactured in accordance with cGMP, PED, ASME codes
• Double tube sheet protect pharmaceutical products before mixing it with the other medium
• Surfaces have been polished to Ra ≤ 0.5 µm roughness for precise cleaning
• Made entirely of stainless steel
• One, two or four-pass design
• Horizontal and vertical models available

• WFI generator
• WFI hot storage and distribution
• WFI cold storage and distribution
• WFI point of use
• Clean steam generation
• Food industry
• Diary industry
• Brewing industry

Working Parameters
• Max. temperature
Viton: 284°F
Silicon: 249°F*
• Min. Temperature
Viton: 1.4°F*
Silicon: -°F
• Max. pressure
Viton: 145PSI
Silicon: 145PSI
• Max. Temperature: 392°F
• Min. Temperature: -13°F
• Max. Pressure: 145 PSI


Model JAG Plate Heat Exchangers

• High thermal performance
• Technical solutions facilitating the exchanger installation and operation
• Select proper installation operating parameters using accurate heat plate sizing
• Heating plates made of stainless steel or titanium
• Dismountable design

• Chemical industry
• Food & bev industry
• Iron & steel industry
• Pulp & paper industry
• Marine industry
• Power
• Pharmaceutical industryHexonic-JAG-Plate-Frame-BenefitsHexonic-JAG-Plate-Frame-Flow-MapTechnical Updates
Additionally corrugated distribution area is designed to enhance turbulent flow in the entrance part of the plate. It also allows even flow through the plate which increases heat transfer by optimal use of its surface area. Specifically corrugated distribution area strengthens the plate and increases the stability of the whole construction. Carefully designed groove together with specially modelled gasket makes the exchanger withstand high pressure.

Triple Plate Positioning System Features
• Gasket aligning system – special protruding
• Elements align the plates in relation to one another
• Point locking system – dedicated corrugated
• Elements on the plate
• Stellar suspending system – alignment in position to the upper and lower bar

Hexonic-JAG-Heat-Exchanger-Heat-DistributionThe Finite Element Method Analysis (FEM) optimized the design of the JAG plate heat exchanger in terms of strength, mainly by improving the stress distribution on the cover plates and modifying the location of the fasteners, which contributed to the extension of the operating parameters.

Gaskets Patented Hybrid Lock System
• Lock-in method
• Lock-on method
• Optimized unique shape of the gasket
• Highest production standards

Model JAG Plate Heat Exchanger Design
1. Metal roller
2. Connection size: DN32 to DN250
3. Special profile of carrying bar
4. Front and rear plate available in various colors
5. Additional front feet
6. Sliding sleeve
7. Lock washer
8. Other frame elements made of galvanized or stainless steel
9. U-LEG

Model JAG Plate Heat Exchanger Working Parameters
• Max. pressure: 150, 250, 300, 400 PSI
• Max. temperature: 300˚F
• Min. temperature: -4˚F

Model ST Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchangers

hexonic-shell-tube-in-tubeST tube-in-tube heat exchangers find their application where fluids of high viscosity, density or high fiber or solid particle contamination are subjected to heat treatment, e.g. at wastewater treatment plants.

• Dismountable design
• Option to increase heat exchange surface
• Stainless steel make

Tube-in-Tube Features
• The single section of the ST exchanger consists of two tubes with different nominal diameters.
• The tube with smaller diameter (product side) is installed inside the tube with the larger diameter (shell side).

Hexonic heat exchangers offer efficient heat transfer using less resources. Customers around the world have reduced costs, saved time and made a positive impact on the environment using Hexonic.

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