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New Higher Pressure Hydra-Cell Pumps Launched

Hydra-Cell Blog

Wanner Hydra-Cell Pumps introduces two NEW high horsepower variants of the T200 multi-diaphragm pump The new T200P and T200Q are designed for use in oil and gas production, but they're also very effective in chemical applications and high pressure cleaning systems The Hydra-Cell T200P has a flow capacity of 280 l/m and a maximum discharge...


RFMCO Represents Uniguard Pump Machine Guards

uniguard machine guard

Uniguard manufactures vertical/horizontal belt machine guards, OSHA-compliant polyethylene guards, ANSI/OSHA-compliant nonmetallic guards, and more Uniguard Machine Guards will save you money by decreasing downtime and make coupling maintenance less of an effort. They are easy to install, economical, and allow for visual inspection of the rotating element without removing the guard. Uniguard Line Card. Contact...


Hydrodynamic Seals in the Pulp & Paper Industry

hydrodynamic pump seals

The greatest advantage of the dynamic seal is the elimination, or significant reduction, of external water for stuffing box flush across all areas in a mill environment ITT Goulds Pumps determines the hydrodynamic (or dynamic) sealing method for pump stuffing box sealing is a successful alternative to other pump stuffing box sealing methods. Hydrodynamic seals...


Hydraulic Selections Minimize Unscheduled Pump Maintenance

Pump Reliability Analysis

ITT Goulds Pumps experiments on the effects of three hydraulic factors to test pump reliability and reduce unscheduled maintenance In process plants it has been found that under many circumstances the cost of unscheduled maintenance is the most significant cost of ownership. Although numerous papers have been presented on the subject of pump reliability, that...


ITT Goulds Pumps Examines Critical Pump Life Factors


ITT Goulds Pumps identifies 4 critical factors to prevent premature pump failure: oil contamination, oil viscosity, air cooling, and monitoring bearing failure Four Critical Factors for Longer Pump Life An ITT Goulds Pumps expert details how four (4) critical factors have the greatest impact on a pump's lifespan; therefore, understanding and monitoring these elements will...