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New Wash & Clean High Pressure Pumps White Paper

Grundfos High Pressure Pumps

Grundfos white paper reviews new Hydro HP high-pressure pumping technology with high and low-flow capability for wash and clean food processing applications High-pressure pumping is a requirement for wash and clean applications in food processing. While traditional technologies require significant and costly maintenance, today’s manufacturers and processors need updated technology that delivers high energy efficiency,...


RFMCO Provides Pump System for Green Waste Decomposition


R.F. MacDonald Co. provides turnkey solution and permanent pump system for moving slurry pond water in green waste decomposition process Customer Application In Northern CA, a solid waste site creates an organic compost product by using green waste collected from curbside bins that have been ground to ≤1.5-inch pieces using the Covered Aerated Static Pile...


RFMCO Now Represents Griswold Pumps

Griswold Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

R.F. MacDonald Co. is the new representative for Griswold pumps in California and Nevada, offering a full line of ANSI centrifugal process pumps Griswold has manufactured centrifugal pumps for over 70 years. With pump engineering expertise, application knowledge, pump testing capabilities and exceptional technical support, R.F. MacDonald Co. is proud to add Griswold ANSI pumps...


RFMCO Is the Exclusive Boerger Parts Provider in CA


R.F. MacDonald Co. is the exclusive Boerger pumps representative for the California wine industry, offering expert knowledge for your aftermarket replacement parts needs The low shear operation of Boerger rotary lobe pumps combined with the wide range of pump sizes has brought Boerger pumps into operations at many wineries throughout California. As Boerger's factory-authorized representative,...


Taco Comfort Solutions Offers Self-Sensing Pumps


Taco Comfort Solutions offers self-sensing pumps that use variable speed pumping technology for maximum efficiency, reducing both utility costs and carbon emissions Water Circulation Pumps & Circulators Taco's patent pending Self-Sensing ProBalance technology utilizes a variable frequency drive (VFD) meant for constant flow chiller/boiler pumps and secondary variable flow pumps. The VFD self-sensing capabilities make...