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First-Ever Virtual Unified Wine Symposium

Winery Applications

RFMCO is exhibiting at the first-ever virtual Unified Wine Symposium, the largest wine and grape expo in the nation Each year, R.F. MacDonald Co. showcases its product strengths with new case studies and technology advancements in the wine industry. In the winemaking process, hot water boilers are used primarily for cleaning and sterilization of winemaking...


Low NOx Burner Retrofit at Northern CA Winery


R.F. MacDonald Co. completes a low NOx burner retrofit on a glycol heater used to sterilize winemaking equipment at a Northern CA winery Hot Water should be 180 degrees for use in sanitation. Due to boiler regulations in the Bay Area, R.F. MacDonald Co. was called to upgrade a Cleaver-Brooks Flextube process hot water boiler,...


Beat the Pre-Crush Rush

wine pumps

From pump-overs to transfers and filling, SANDPIPER AODD Pumps deliver more and last longer while using less energy RFM has pumps in stock and ready for quick delivery. Portable carts and pulsation dampeners are also available. • Most Efficient: Best-in-class maximum flow capacities and lowest air consumption available in the industry. • Better Construction: The...