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RFMCO Represents REYMSA Cooling Towers in CA, Northern NV


R.F. MacDonald Co. represents REYMSA counterflow cooling towers for HVAC and industrial applications in California and Northern Nevada REYMSA cooling towers are induced draft, counterflow cooling towers constructed of structural FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Resin). Each model is certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) and is suited for any application in the industrial and...


RFMCO Represents Hexonic Heat Exchangers in CA and NV

heat exchangers made in america

RFMCO represents Hexonic heat exchangers in CA and NV, including shell & tube, brazed plate and frame heat exchangers for industrial applications Hexonic is a family-owned company in Poland founded in 1988, manufacturing heat exchangers and pressure vessels. As of 2024, Hexonic assembles all its heat exchangers in South Carolina, allowing for shorter lead times...


Boiler Install Photo Timeline at Packaging Manufacturer in Southern CA

Boiler Installation Packaging Company

RFMCO completes boiler removal and installation, including deaerator, at a consumer packaging company in Los Angeles From engineering, rigging, startup and controls, RFMCO completed the job on schedule. Below is a photo timeline. Boiler Removal & Installation Process1. Sales & Engineering    • Construct New Base Plate for Deaerator 2. Remove & Dispose Existing Boiler 3....