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RFMCO Now Represents Pure Humidifier in Southern CA

Steam Humidifier

PURE Humidifier Co. offers a complete line of direct Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger, Electric Self-Contained and Gas Fired Humidifiers for industrial and commercial applications PURE Humidifier Co.’s reputation for the finest quality and customer service in the industry, combined with the dependable performance of our equipment, guarantees customer satisfaction. STEAM HEAT EXCHANGER - SX...


Replacing Old High-Pressure Pumps with a Cost-Effective Pumping System

Grundfos Pump

Replacing old high-pressure pumps with a cost-effective pumping system using Grundfos hydro HP pumps By: Michael Salvato, Industry Market Development Manager, Grundfos USA WASH AND CLEAN WHITE PAPER THE NEW TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN OUTSAVE & OUTSMART TRADITIONAL TECHNOLOGY Grundfos Hydro HP Brochure (PDF) Grundfos Hydro HP Whitepaper (PDF) Introduction High-pressure pumping is a requirement for...


Heat Pumps Offer Building Decarbonization

electric heat pumps for hot water heating

RFMCO now represents electric heat pump manufacturer Galletti for building electrification projects related to commercial HVAC needs, including building heat Galletti is a manufacturer of air-to-water heat pumps and has been in business for over 100 years. Galletti has manufactured heat pumps for over 25 years and is a major competitor for heat pumps in...