Boiler Accessories — Burners, Heat Exchangers, Deaerators and more

R.F. MacDonald Co. services and sells boilers, pumps and accessories for commercial and industrial applications

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Boiler Accessories

Boiler Accessories

Boiler Accessories and components are installed to increase the efficiency of the boiler. We offer burners, heat exchangers, economizers, deaerators, flow meters, surge tanks, steam accumulators, condensors, pumps and motor assemblies.

We stock over $5 million in boilers, boiler accessories and boiler parts with 24-hour access to all equipment. Call your local office to be connected to our 24-hour on-call technician for immediate service.

CB Burners

Boiler Accessories - Cleaver-Brooks Burner

• ProFire-V Series
• ProFire-Q Series
• ProFire-M Series
• ProFire-NTH Series
• ProFire-MTH Series

Standard Xchange – A Xylem Brand

Heat Exchanger Burner Accessories

• Higher Surface Area to Volume Ratios
• Superior Heat Transfer Coefficients
• Offers “True” Counter-Current Flow
• Maximizes Mean Temperature Differences

Cannon Boiler Works

Boiler Accessories - Cannon Boiler Works Economizers

• Boiler Economizers
• Industrial Heat Exchangers
• Steam Accumulators
• Condensors

IC Burners

Boiler Accessories - Cleaver-Brooks & Industrial Combustion (IC) Burners

• XL/LNXL – Firetube & Watertube
• S1/LNS1 – Series
• E/LNE – Series
• D/LND – Series
• M – Series
• V/LNV – Series
• FP – Series
• MTH – Series
• Q – Series

Shipco Pumps

Boiler Accessories - Shipco Deaerator (DA) & Tanks

• Pump & Motor Assemblies
• Condensate Return Pumps
• Boiler Feed Pumps
• Surge Tanks
• Deaerators
• Vacuum Pumps, Producers

Sage Meters

Boiler Accessories - Sage Metering Equipment

• Sage Prime Thermal Mass Flow Meter
• Sage Insight
• Sage Prime HVAC Model
• Sage 200 Flow Meters
• Sage 300
• Sage Rio