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Wine Industry Boilers

Wine Industry Boilers & Pumps

R.F. MacDonald Co. offers boilers and pumps for the wine industry. Hot water boilers are used primarily for cleaning and sterilizing winemaking equipment such as barrels, tanks and pumps while pumps are needed to move wine through the winemaking process. The RFMCO Engineering and Fabrication Depts. look forward to working with you on complete boiler and pump skids that meet all your wine application needs.

We offer Cleaver Brooks and Camus boilers and Boerger, Seepex, Grundfos, Vertiflo and BJM pumps for the wine industry.

Boiler Equipment

winery boilers

• Full range of hot water and steam boilers
• Ranging from 4,000 to 400,000 lb/hr
• SCR and control system solutions
• Engineering and design

Pump Equipment

wine pumps

• Complete range of wine pumps
• Moving wine with little agitation
• Sediment & solids handling without jamming
• Strong, durable mobile pump carts

Rental Equipment and Skids

Rental Equipment

Full range of hot water and steam rental equipment

Boiler Service and Installation

boiler service

• 24/7 field service
• Fabricated boiler and pump systems
• Simplified field installations
• Engineering and design services

Pump Repair and Installation

pump repair

• Five pump repair facilities
• Over 60 years experience with pump repair
• Service personnel in key locations
• Quick response times