Boiler Service, Repair and Maintenance — Industrial and Commercial

R.F. MacDonald Co. services and sells boilers, pumps, composites and accessories for commercial and industrial applications.

Boiler Service


Boiler Installation


Full demolition, installation, permitting and adherence to strict footprint requirements and schedules

General Engineering Contractors


Certified, classified, indemnified and bonded single source contractor with vast skills for a wide range of application markets

Boiler Operator Training


Boiler classes throughout CA & NV that fulfill state requirements. Onsite sessions offered for customized staff training.

Air Quality Source Testing


NOx emissions guaranteed to meet local and federal air quality requirements for almost all boilers with retrofit burners

Factory Trained & Certified Technicians


Our technicians are factory trained, certified, experienced and competent for all models of boilers and burners

Certified Boiler Welding Services


Experienced and certified pressure vessel welders for repairs, maintenance and retubing services

Mobile & Rental Equipment


Boiler equipment and full mobile units help prevent downtime for emergency or planned offline events

Boiler Instrumentation & Controls


Integrated systems with remote communications, automatic temp control and energy management interfaces from easy-to-use touch panels

Field Service


Scheduled and emergency services from dispatch locations throughout CA and NV for quick turnaround times

Assured Efficiency Program (AEP)


Preventative maintenance contracts for frequent inspections to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency

Full SCR Systems

Full SCR Systems

All types of ultra low NOx systems including urea, ammonia and any new technology that enters the market

Boiler Parts & Accessories

Boiler Service Parts & Accessories

Over $5 million in boiler parts inventory to help ensure minimal downtime of your equipment and production operation