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Steam Humidifier

PURE Humidifier Co. offers a complete line of direct Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger, Electric Self-Contained and Gas Fired Humidifiers for industrial and commercial applications

PURE Humidifier Co.’s reputation for the finest quality and customer service in the industry, combined with the dependable performance of our equipment, guarantees customer satisfaction.


For an alternative to electrical or gas generated humidification, or chemically treated boiler steam, PURE Humidifier Co.’s SX (standard water) and SXDDR (deionized, demineralized or reverse osmosis water) steam heat exchanger humidifiers are exactly what you need.

They utilize a stainless steel heat exchanger which allows boiler steam to be used as the heat
source for producing steam from tap water. By isolating the boiler steam from the clean tap water, contamination by the boiler is completely eliminated. The steam is then free from chemical or mineral carry-over, thus providing humidification for today’s stringent indoor air quality requirements.

Steam Humidifier


Our Steam Injection humidifiers are job-engineered to assure highly efficient steam release into
the air stream. They are designed with steam jacketed injection tubes and a centrifugal steam separator. In combination with each other, these components ensure the delivery of condensate-free, PURE steam into the air stream. With a variety of piping options available, the Steam Injection humidifier has the versatility to be designed into any system simply, effciently and

Steam Humidifier


The Insty-Pac is a rapid steam dissipation tube assembly. It provides nearly instant dissipation of steam into the airstream, and can be mounted within inches upstream of fans, dampers, coils, etc. It is a factory assembled multiple tube humidifier designed for quick and easy installation—no framework, assembly, hose cuff s, or maintenance. The unique design of the Insty-Pac allows the supply/condensate header to be installed either inside or outside the ductwork. Steam jacketed tubes reduce condensate loss but do not remain hot when there is no demand for humidity, thus eliminating any sensible heat gain in duct air. Add high efficiency insulation for extra protection. The Insty-Pac can be used with direct boiler steam or with any of PURE Humidifier Co.’s evaporative humidifiers.

Steam Humidifier


The ES Series electric humidifiers are the standard from PURE Humidifier Co. All you need is water, electricity and a sanitary drain—the humidifier does the rest. The ES (standard water) and
ESDDR (deionized, demineralized or reverse osmosis water) feature stainless steel tank construction, a control panel with microprocessor controller and high efficiency immersion water heaters. These humidifiers standard full SCR control for excellent humidity control. For enhanced control, our patented Modulating Fill Valve may be added. These units may be free-standing or wall-mounted.


The EC series electric cabinet style humidifier can be used with standard ventilation air systems
or direct room humidification with the optional blower pack. Designed to be compact for easy
installation and maintenance, its capacities reach up to 102 lbs/hr. The EC features standard SCR
control, with LED lights indicating status and diagnostics. Also featured are a Tri-Probe water level
control system, self-contained control panel, high efficiency immersion water heaters, and an
accumulative timed drain cycle. If the application requires deionized, demineralized or reverse osmosis water, our ECDDR features a special float valve to control water level.

Steam Humidifier


For applications with limited installation space, like clean rooms and environmental rooms,
the ER Series Humidifier offers the same benefits as our ES Series in a smaller package.
All you need is water, electricity, and a sanitary drain—the humidifier does the rest. The ER
uses standard tap water, while the ERDDR is for your deionized, demineralized or reverse osmosis
water systems. Both may be freestanding or wall-mounted.

Steam Humidifier


The GX and GXDDR Gas Fired Humidifier Series is a forced combustion type that can be used with natural gas or liquid propane. It is constructed from all stainless steel, and is covered by a two-year warranty. The burner can be easily removed to access the side entry exchanger for cleaning. It is designed to work with low-pressure gas between 5” W.C. and 11” W.C. The pre-piped and pre-wired gas train, combined with the INTAC® microprocessor allows for quick and simple
operation. The GX series humidifier offers the highest capacities in the industry, at up to 900 lbs/hr with excellent modulation.

Steam Humidifier

Control – INTAC PLC

The INTAC® PLC features a color touchscreen display with intuitive navigation and real-time clock.
Touchscreen may be relocated thousands of feet away from the control panel, while local HMI
inside the panel can still be used for troubleshooting. BACnet IP or MS/TP is built in with improved detail, and BACnet configuration can be done without the use of a laptop. With live data trending & fault history counters, you have the ability to look at only the data you want to see for the time you want to see it. Future software updates are performed easily by simply plugging in a USB pen drive.

Steam Humidifier


The Fast-Pac is for use with atmospheric steam generators and is maintenance-free. The
header and tubes are designed to remove condensate, keeping your ducts dry. The all-welded design eliminates the use of o-rings and couplings that may cause leakage and require maintenance. Job engineered to ensure highly efficient steam release into the air stream. Designed to your specific application to achieve the shortest possible dissipation distances in the industry to meet the most demanding applications.

Steam Humidifier

Outdoor Enclosure

Operate your humidifier in any climate with our outdoor enclosure. Fabricated from aluminum modular framing and galvanized steel panels, our outdoor enclosure may be used with our GX, SX, and ES product lines. Heating and ventilation systems are available to suit your climate. The pre-packaged enclosure is shipped factory assembled with the humidifiers installed. The humidifier is ready for field gas, water, electrical and steam connections upon arrival at the job site. With our built-in curb base, mounting is quick and easy.

Steam Humidifier Steam Humidifier


Our Modulating Fill Valve uses patented* technology to give you very tight humidity control for the most demanding conditions. For applications that require RH staying above a minimum threshold, a smaller fluctuation allows you to set the setpoint lower. Not only does this create a cost savings, but also saves on energy and water usage, making it a more economical option than the constant overfill method.

The Modulating Fill Valve is field-retrofittable using the existing Tri-Probe in your SX, GX, ES, or EC generator. There is no need to preheat makeup water and it is unaffected by supply water
pressure fluctuations, therefore there is no thermal shock to the heat exchanger or heaters—extending its life.


The DCT-927 drain tempering kit is designed to provide drain water temperatures of less than 140°F. Its compact, space-saving horizontal design can be directly mounted to the reservoir of all PURE units. Using a water temperature sensor to open the cold water mixing valve, no power supply is required to operate.

Steam Humidifier


PURE Clean is a just-add-water cleaner that gently removes buildup without harm to surfaces,
welds, accessories, or yourself. Environmentally friendly, its nonhazardous status with the DOT &
its powder form means you save on shipping costs. When humidifier tanks, exchangers, and heaters are full of scale build-up, the humidifier’s performance is reduced. This may result in extra costs due to increased energy usage or replacement parts. More efficient than hand-scraping, PURE Clean is the solution for your humidifier maintenance needs.

Steam Humidifier

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