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SJVAPCD Rules 4306 & 4320 Compliance Planning Workshops


R.F. MacDonald Co. completes its first workshop in a five-part series, addressing the new San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Rules 4306 & 4320 This SJVAPCD Workshop assisted customers understand where their equipment fell on the rule timetable and when they would be required to submit an Emissions Control Plan, Authority to Construct and...


RFMCO Provides “Professionalism” During Boiler Install


RFMCO technicians receive boiler service testimonials for "professionalism" during a boiler installation and other kudos for miscellaneous repairs R.F. MacDonald Co. is grateful to all of our customers who provide us with feedback whether it's positive or negative. We work to correct any shortfalls, and we recognize each employee who receives customer kudos. Positive Word...


Camus Boilers & Taco Pumps Used in New Winemaking Process


Camus DynaFlame hot water boilers and Taco Comfort Solutions pumps installed as part of an innovative flash détente system at a Central Valley winery Flash détente is a relatively new technology invented in France in 1990, according to Wine Business Monthly, with the technology first being used in the U.S. in 2009. The flash détente...


Cleaver-Brooks Launches Prometha Mobile App

Cleaver-Brooks Prometha Boiler Systems Mobile App

Cleaver-Brooks launches the Prometha Connected Boiler Solutions app, which collects boiler data every six seconds and is available on both Apple and Android devices Cleaver-Brooks used its representative network to develop the Prometha mobile application. It is a low-cost and robust mobile-friendly boiler room monitoring solution. A video demonstration is available on the Cleaver-Brooks' website....


SJVAPCD Boiler Emissions Compliance Planning Workshops

SJVAPCD Training

Meet the 2021 Boiler Emissions Rules set by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) and create a Compliance Plan to meet the deadlines   SJVAPCD Rules     SJVAPCD Compliance Planning [clear]  [column_content type="one_half"] Compliance Planning with Authority To Construct & Permit to Operate Submission Forms Checklist OverviewThis one-hour workshop is designed...