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Gas Technology: Condensing Hydronic Boilers

hydronic boilers

The key to 99% efficiency is having incoming feedwater below 140° F and modulating the boiler — or having sufficient redundancy to achieve the “sweet spot.” Getting the most for your energy dollar It’s a clever idea. Condensing hydronic boilers can operate at efficiencies in the mid‐90s and above. The key to these fantastic efficiencies...


Effects of Ultra-High Turndown in Hydronic Boilers

Hydronic Boilers

Today, hydronic boilers are producing greater efficiencies than previously thought possible — all due to the advancements of condensing technology. It is the science behind condensing that many people do not take the time to understand, which can lead to misunderstandings and the perpetuation of myths. One of the largest areas of confusion concerns high...


SJVAPCD Rules 4305 through 4309

SJVAPCD 4306-4307 Compliance Chart

SJVAPCD Rules 4305 through 4309 limit the emissions of NOx and CO from boilers, steam generators and process heaters. The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is a public health agency whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life for all Valley residents through efficient, effective and entrepreneurial air quality management...


BAAQMD Regulation 9 Rule 7

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Regulation 9 Rule 7 limits the emissions of NOx and CO from industrial, institutional and commercial boilers, steam generators and process heaters. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District develops regulations based on the measures identified in its Clean Air Plan. Air District staff develop new rules to reduce emissions in order to improve public...


SCAQMD Updates Rules 1146 and 1146.1

New SCAQMD 1146 Regulations

New low NOx rules adopted Dec. 7, 2018. The Southern CA Air Quality Management District lowered the amount of NOx emissions allowed for firetube boilers from 9 ppm to 7 ppm. NOx limits remain at 9 ppm for all other commercial and industrial heating equipment. R.F. MacDonald Co. created an easy to read, downloadable compliance...