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Mandatory Attendance on Boilers

boiler attendance

If you operate a boiler in California that requires a permit to operate, the Dept. of Industrial Relations has a Mandatory Attendance rule for boiler operation If you need training, please see our Training Schedule. 781 – Attendance on Boilers (a) All boilers subject to these orders shall be under the direct supervision of a...


New Video Shows Hands-On Boiler Controls Training

boiler training

RFMCO provides lecture-style boiler training with hands-on boiler controls training for combustion, temperature, steam pressure and burner flame management The workshop is lecture-based with an exhibit of boiler accessories. Demonstrations on full-sized Cleaver-Brooks boilers are available for classes in Los Angeles, Fresno and Reno. “All operators need to be aware of the maintenance requirements set...


Cleaver-Brooks Blower Motor Service


Since the launch of the CFLC 4000/5000 boilers, Cleaver-Brooks has noticed issues with the rain and recirculating flue gases collecting in the air intake over the motors In some cases, the current motor seals are allowing water to go into the motor. The root cause of many of these problems is improper combustion air and/or...


Cleaver-Brooks CFC-E Voted 2019 Most Valuable Product

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The Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-CE commercial boiler was voted as the Most Valuable Product of 2019 by readers of Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine ★★★★★2019 Product of the Year The ClearFire-CE condensing boiler achieves up to 99% efficiency due to the enhanced AluFer firetube heat exchanger and dual-temperature returns. When utilized, dual-temperature returns increase condensing in a hot...


Cleaver-Brooks Now Offers 9.5HP Cal-Special


In response to California's SCAQMD 1146.2 low-emissions rule, Cleaver-Brooks now offers the 9.5HP Cal-Special with 15#, 100# and 150# ASME designs Features and Benefits Control trim and gas train are ASME CSD-1 compliant Up to 84% efficiency and 5:1 turndown 15#, 100# and 150# ASME designs Attendance is not required (CA Code Title 8) cULus...