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Full Range of Boilers in Stock in California & Nevada

Boilers in Stock in CA & NV

R.F. MacDonald Co. maintains a large inventory of steam and hot water boilers as well as deaerators, feed systems and ancillary equipment Every quarter, R.F. MacDonald Co. updates its boiler inventory located in Northern, Central, and Southern California. All equipment is thoroughly checked, tested, and equipped by our quality control team to meet California and...


A List of Boiler Safety Controls and Their Functions

boiler safety controls

All boilers are engineered with automatic boiler safety controls to protect facility equipment and prevent boiler failure The National Board & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI), a national boiler inspection agency, found that most boiler incidents are a result of low-water cutoff device failure. The second leading cause is operator error/poor maintenance. Qualified and certified maintenance...


A Quick Guide to Routine Boiler Service, Maintenance


Add years to a boiler’s life and save thousands of dollars through reliable, efficient operation According to a study conducted by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI), poor maintenance (typically low water safety issues) causes most boiler incidents. If there is not a boiler room operator on staff, contact R.F. MacDonald...


Critical Spare Parts to Keep Onsite, Avoid Downtime


Stocking critical parts for wearable components is one of the easiest ways to keep your boiler online and avoid the frustrations of downtime. Receive a customized spare parts list for your boiler today. Download a sample. Our experienced Parts Dept. will review your specific boiler system, including its history, previous trouble zones and well-known must-haves...


RFMCO Upgrades Boiler Superheater at Power Plant

power plant superheater

RFMCO upgrades power plant superheater to ensure no downstream liquid or condensation occurs in the steam supplied to a neighboring ice manufacturing facility One Sacramento County utility power plant that provides over 1.5 million customers with electricity also provides a small portion of dry steam, through a steam turbine, to a neighboring ice manufacturing facility....