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Vote Cleaver-Brooks ProFire SBR Burner Product of the Year


The Cleaver-Brooks ProFire SBR burner is a Product of the Year finalist in the HVAC category for Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine Nominated in the HVAC: Air Movement, Compressors, etc. category, the low-NOx, dual-fuel burner is capable of less than 30 ppm NOx emissions without FGR. For air quality districts where emissions below 5 PPM are required,...


SCR Catalyst Manufacturer Opens U.S. Facility

Haldor Topsoe SCR Catalyst USA Built

Haldor Topsoe to build catalyst plant in the U.S. to meet increasing demand for refining catalysts The plant is expected to be fully operational in the first half of 2023. Topsoe will build a 15,000 ton per year hydroprocessing catalyst plant at the company’s existing Bayport production site in Pasadena, Harris County, Texas. The plant...


Boilers in Stock in California & Nevada as of July 2021

Boilers in Stock in CA & NV

R.F. MacDonald Co. maintains a large inventory of steam and hot water boilers as well as deaerators, feed systems and ancillary equipment Every quarter, R.F. MacDonald Co. updates its boiler inventory located in Northern, Central, and Southern California. All equipment is thoroughly checked, tested, and equipped by our quality control team to meet California and...


Camus Hydronics Boiler Package Supplied to CA Winery


R.F. MacDonald Co. provides large California winery with Camus Hydronics boiler skid package for CIP cleaning, bottle warming and hose wash station applications In this application, a close-coupled Clean-In-Place (CIP) skid, bottle warming and hose wash stations have ready-to-use 180F or 90F hot water on demand. The boiler package was designed to accommodate the various...