Industrial Boilers

Industrial Boilers

Industrial Facilities

R.F. MacDonald Co. has been in business since 1956, developing one of the most comprehensive service and support networks for industrial facilities including food plants, power plants, and more. We have a solid reputation as a leader in the supply and service of boilers, pumps, accessories, and parts for our industrial customers.

Liberty Packing Project Study

Liberty Packing Installation

• Groundbreaking food processing expansion
• Largest packaged Cleaver-Brooks unit available
• Passed all ASME regulations on schedule
• Upgraded operational efficiency and capabilities

Latest BACT Regulations

BACT Regulations

• Best Available Control Tech. (BACT)
• Check for the latest updates in select regions
• Learn more about emissions and consumption
• Understand permit requirements

Learn More About Reducing Emissions With SCR


Check out our full brochure on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and how it can benefit your facility

Low NOx Co-Generation

Cogen Project

• Critical SCR Installation
• Upgraded existing co-generation facilities
• Resulted in meeting regulations
• Capable adjusting to future mandates

Upgrading Controls

Control Panels

• Fully upgraded control system
• Utilized at NASA research center
• Controlled multiple burner functions
• Improved boiler and steam generation

Boiler and Pump Training

Service & Training

• Extended product training and support
• Instrumentation and controls *AB*
• Preventative maintenance programs
• Ancillary equipment

Boiler and Pump Service

• Full aftermarket service, parts support
• All major types of repair equipment
• $5 million in inventory
• 24-hour servicing