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Corporate offices, apartment buildings, manufacturing facilities, lab facilities and schools must adhere to all boiler emissions regulations. The case studies here examine customer applications and key challenges for universities.

Loma Linda University Health

Boiler Installation with SCR
Loma Linda, CA
Central utility plant seismic and emissions upgrades
As part of the Loma Linda University Campus Transformation project, two new hospital towers were added to the medical campus. The new towers include new hospital rooms, surgical and operating rooms, nursing stations and more.
R.F. MacDonald Co. supplied three Cleaver-Brooks CBEX Elite 1,400HP firetube steam boilers to the Loma Linda University Central Utility Plant. Each boiler can produce up to 48,300 pounds of saturated steam per hour.
The larger packaged boilers were carefully rigged through the Central Utility Plant roof with tight clearance on all sides. Once successfully inside the building, the boilers were skillfully placed into their predetermined, limited footprint. Finally, our newly patented Direct Urea Injection with Selective Catalytic Reduction technology was installed to complete the installation process. Read more
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Stanford University

New HWG Boilers and Pumps
Stanford, CA
Raising the bar in energy efficiency
Stanford released an Energy and Climate Action plan to increase energy efficiency using innovative clean and renewable energy. The Stanford Energy System Innovations project supplies high-efficiency energy to new and existing buildings.
SESI required transforming a 100 percent fossil-fuel-based combined heat and power plant to grid-sourced electricity and a more efficient electric heat recovery system. The heat recovery involved capturing waste heat from the district chilling system to produce hot water for the district heating system. This was done through the use of industrial heat recovery chillers and conversion of the campus heat distribution system from steam to hot water.
Supplemental hot water generators were required in the event heat recovery chillers went down or during scheduled maintenance. As part of the entire SESI project, new pumps were also provided for both the hot, chilled and condensing water systems. All to be completed before the retiring Central Plant shut down. Read more
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Santa Clara University

Boiler Replacement
Santa Clara, CA
One trial boiler results in nine boiler installations
Santa Clara University upgraded from non-condensing copper-finned boilers to high-efficiency condensing boilers. The new boilers successfully handle cold startups, which maintain hot water and building temperature for the university.
The university had been using a low-mass hydronic system to heat the campus buildings. A total of thirty boilers from several different manufacturers were in use, some of which were outdated. This made servicing complex and frustrating, including frequent temperature swings, false alarms and shut downs.
Chris Watt Facility Director, a thirty year employee, identified RF MacDonald Co. via social media and requested a review of the systemic equipment problems affecting the entire campus. Eventually two boilers in the Leavey Activity Center were in such bad shape they needed immediate replacement, and after a successful trial run of the condensing boilers, the entire hot water system was upgraded.
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Buck Institute

Boiler Conversion
Novato, CA
Savings obtained from hot water boiler conversion and low NOx upgrade
Buck Institute was operating with an obsolete Cleaver-Brooks Steam Boiler system. The hot water boiler maintenance was high and only running at about 70-75% efficiency.
Significant damage to one boiler coupled with the looming high cost of Low NOx retrofit left Buck Institute in need of a cost-effective solution. The existing closed-loop low pressure steam system was completely oversized for this facility.
Faced with the options of repair or replacement, the Institute turned to R.F. MacDonald for an effective long term solution. Read more
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University of Nevada, Reno

Boiler Controls Upgrade
Reno, NV
A custom master control panel operates equipment at multiple locations
The University of Nevada, Reno is a teaching and research university established in 1874. The campus is located in the heart of Reno on over 255 acres and enrolls over 14,000 students annually.
The University operations support campus residence halls, education buildings, a number of theaters and auditoriums, a planetarium, a stadium and one of the largest earthquake simulation labs in the country.
UNR approached R.F. MacDonald Co. in 2004 about acquiring a new boiler for their Central Heat Plant that provides heating to a majority of the buildings on campus. R.F. MacDonald Co. installed a new Cleaver-Brooks Nebraska boiler as one of four boilers on site. The second boiler needed to be replaced in 2011, and UNR decided it was time to centralize and automate the outdated controls on all four boilers and network their system with the other facilities on campus. Read more
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