Commercial and Industrial High Pressure Pumps — California and Nevada

High Pressure Pumps

High Pressure Pumps

High pressure pumps are used in applications requiring high heads and increased temperature-resistance. These pumps are also designed with multiple stages, using a series of impellers to increase the pressure of the pumpage. R.F. MacDonald Co. provides a variety of high-pressure pumps ideal for services like chemical processing, boiler feed, descaling, power generation, and much more.

Cat Pumps

High pressure PumpsNorthern CA, Southern CA, Nevada

• Direct Drive Plunger Pumps
• Belt Drive Plunger Pumps
• Piston Pumps
• Specialty Pumps

ITT Goulds Pumps

Goulds High PressureNorthern CA, Southern CA

• Model 3355
• Model 3393
• Model 3600
• And More

Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos High Pressure PumpCalifornia & Nevada

• Type BM
• Type CR/CRN
• Peerless TU/TUT

BJM Pumps

BJM PumpsNorthern CA

• 316 SS High Temperature Pumps
• Cast Iron High Temperature Pumps

Weir Specialty Pumps

High pressure PumpsSouthern CA

• Roto-Jet 2100
• Roto-Jet 2200
• Roto-Jet R11
• Roto-Jet RD11
• Roto-Jet RG
• Roto-Jet RO

Xylem Goulds Water Tech.

Xylem High Pressure PumpsCalifornia & Nevada

• 45HB – 70HB
• Model e-HM
• Model e-MP
• And More