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Xylem Goulds High Pressure Pumps

Xylem Goulds Water Technology High Pressure Pumps

Xylem Goulds Water Technology is a leading water engineering company committed to “solving water” by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world’s water, wastewater and energy needs. Their highly efficient water technologies, industrial pumps, and application solutions not only use less energy and reduce life-cycle costs, but also promote sustainability.

e-SV Series Pump

Xylem Goulds e-SV

Versatile Multi-Stage design
• Easy service and maintenance
• Adjustable for many applications

e-HM Series Pump

Xylem e-HM Pump

Horizontal, Multi-Stage design
• New series is up to 15% more efficient
• Industrial, food, & beverage applications

e-MP Series Pump

Xylem e-MP Pump

Versatile Multi-Stage design
• Either vertical or horizontal configurations
• Works for most high pressure uses

GB Series Booster Pump

Xylem GB Pump

Multi-Stage Booster design
• Glass filled thermoplastic components
• Ideal for boosting, reverse osmosis, & more

Model 45HB-70HB Pump

Xylem Goulds 45HB-70HB Pump

Multi-Stage Booster design
• Glass-filled thermoplastic components
• Industrial & agricultural applications

Xylem Goulds Water Technology