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Xylem Goulds GB Series Pump

Xylem Goulds Water Tech GB Booster Pump Series

Xylem GB Pump
The GB Booster Pump Series is designed as a multi-stage pump that provides steady, quiet, and vibration free operation. Its ideally used for commercial or agricultural pressure wash applications.

  • • Capacities up to 43 GPM
  • • Heads up to 560 feet
  • • Pressures up to 75 PSIG
  • • Temperatures up to 160°F


Using the GB Booster Pump Series

  • Reliable high pressure sealing with easy disassembly for maintenance or repair

  • Glass filed engineered composite material with floating impeller design creates high resistance to corrosion and abrasion

  • Uses the force of pumped liquid to reduce load on mechanical seal and wear on the bearings

  • Centrifugal pump design permits selection of flow within a range for each size

  • Commonly used for residential, commercial, or agricultural pressure
    Also ideally used for reverse osmosis, evaporative cooling systems/misters, booster service, spray system, water circulation, filtration, HVAC, and general purpose pumping

  • A variety of face materials and elastomers to match application needs


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