RFMCO Represents REYMSA Cooling Towers in CA, Northern NV


R.F. MacDonald Co. represents REYMSA counterflow cooling towers for HVAC and industrial applications in California and Northern Nevada

REYMSA cooling towers are induced draft, counterflow cooling towers constructed of structural FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Resin). Each model is certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) and is suited for any application in the industrial and air conditioning market.


A. Hot water inlet is distributed over the fill media through spray nozzles.
B. Tower fans draw ambient air into the tower, contacting the water as it travels through the fill.
C. Heat transfer occurs between the water and the air in the fill media, resulting in latent and sensible cooling.

Industries Served

HVAC – Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Buildings and Malls
Industrial – Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgical and Plastics

Design Features

FRP Casing and Structure
Provides high mechanical strength, good flexibility, corrosion resistance and requires minimum maintenance.

Seamless Basin
One-piece construction eliminates risk of leakage, warrantied for 15 years.

CTI Certified
Thermal Performance Certified by the Cooling Technology Institute.

IBC Compliant
RT models are tested and certified to meet seismic requirements set by the International Building Code (IBC).

30+ Years Life Expectancy
REYMSA’s high-grade structural fiberglass construction will deliver a tower with at least two times the life span of a galvanized steel tower, lasting longer than most stainless-steel towers.

Exceed ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Efficiency Standard
Our units exceed energy efficiency per ASHRAE Standard 90.1 to reduce operating cost and environmental impact.

Drive Systems
• Direct drive with induction motor or permanent magnet motor.
• Gear Drive System.

Low Sound Solutions
Multiple options for applications where low noise levels are desired.

Wide Range of Sizes
• Model sizes increase in small jumps of 1-2 feet, offering more options to fit existing footprints.
• Multiple fill options to meet any capacity in a compact area as well as special fills for different applications.

Corrosion Resistant
Structural FRP offers high corrosion resistance and has proven to be highly resistant to aggressive chemical water treatments and severe climate conditions. Structural Integrity: Meets high wind velocity requirements.

Minimal Maintenance
High quality materials and high corrosion resistance help to reduce maintenance time and costs. The FRP housing and structure require minimal and quick maintenance for mainly aesthetic appearances. FRP can be repaired to its original condition with high grade resin material, which is readily available.

REYMSA has a seamless FRP cold water basin and body casing that eliminates the possibility of leaks.

Modular models have an unlimited number of modules to increase capacities and accommodate any thermal load. These are the models with the greatest flexibility to adapt to different needs and match any capacity.



All cooling towers feature motors that exceed cooling tower duty requirements:
• Severe Duty.
• Marine Duty.
• Inverter Rated.
• Epoxy coated (internal and external).
• Premium efficiency motor.
• Cast iron construction.
• Inpro/Seal VBX bearing isolator for added protection.

Permanent Magnet Motors
A key component in the RTP models is the low RPM permanent magnet motor specially designed for REYMSA towers. In a permanent magnet (PM) motor, the rotor is permanently magnetized, unlike traditional induction motors whose rotor must be electrically magnetized to cause rotation. The efficiencies and energy savings offered by PM motors more than offset the higher initial cost when the total cost of ownership is evaluated.

In addition to the features, it shares with the induction motor on the RT models, the permanent
magnet motor has other unique features such as ultra efficiency, lower operating temperature and high power density.

Cooling Tower Fill Material
High quality PVC film fill is UV stabilized, resistant to weather exposure, chemical degradation from alkali, acids and biological attacks. For use in HVAC and light industrial applications where the water contains very low levels of total suspended solids.

Special Cooling Tower Fills
Special trickle fill is best for applications where the circulating water has very high levels of suspended solids and high potential for scale buildup. Special fill provides maximum fouling resistance, even in dirty water applications where fibers are present in industries such as refining, petrochemical, steel, chemical, pulp & paper, and food processing. Aluminum sheets are used for applications with high temperature incoming water.

Design System

Easy Access to Inspect and Maintain
Every REYMSA cooling tower includes an access door for complete access to both the spray water system and fill. No tools are required to open the access door. Removing the air inlet louvers gives service technicians complete access to the cold-water basin for inspection and cleaning.

Factory Tests
Every tower is assembled and tested at our factory prior to shipment to ensure the tower is optimized.


Easy Assembly
REYMSA towers are shipped in modular sections, designed for fast assembly.
• Assembly is reduced to placing and bolting the fan duct and the body section.
• Easy assembly of all our towers results in lower installation costs.


Low Sound Solutions
Some applications require that cooling towers meet or comply with lower sound levels than the standard. The RT Models are available with the optional “Low Sound” and “Super Low Sound” level fan designs (for models with Direct Drive System) which allow for a significant reduction in fan noise by utilizing a low RPM motor and a low noise sickle blade fan.


1. Fan duct with motor support
2. Hot water inlet
3. Body
4. Basin
5. Cold water outlet
6. Louvers
7. Access Door
8. Overflow

9. Purge
10. Drain
11. Water Makeup
12. Anchorage holes
13. Fan
14. Motor


1. Fan Deck with motor/gear reducer support
2. Hot water inlet
3. Body
4. Basin
5. Cold water outlet
6. Louvers
7. Access Door
8. Overflow

9. Purge
10. Drain
11. Water Makeup
12. Anchorage holes
13. Fan
14. Gear reducer
15. Motor


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