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Vote Cleaver-Brooks ProFire SBR Burner Product of the Year


The Cleaver-Brooks ProFire SBR burner is a Product of the Year finalist in the HVAC category for Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine Nominated in the HVAC: Air Movement, Compressors, etc. category, the low-NOx, dual-fuel burner is capable of less than 30 ppm NOx emissions without FGR. For air quality districts where emissions below 5 PPM are required,...


Burner Retrofit Options to Comply with CARB Rules


R.F. MacDonald Co. offers a variety of burner options for firetube, watertube, new and retrofit boilers in commercial, industrial and institutional markets Reducing boiler emissions can be challenging. Whether for a sustainability effort or to comply with government-mandated regulations, you can look to R.F. MacDonald Co. and Cleaver-Brooks to help reach your goals. Cleaver-Brooks has...


Low NOx Burner Retrofit at Northern CA Winery


R.F. MacDonald Co. completes a low NOx burner retrofit on a glycol heater used to sterilize winemaking equipment at a Northern CA winery Hot Water should be 180 degrees for use in sanitation. Due to boiler regulations in the Bay Area, R.F. MacDonald Co. was called to upgrade a Cleaver-Brooks Flextube process hot water boiler,...