SBR-5 Burner Improves Operational Efficiency at Hospital

hospital burner retrofit

After experiencing repeated burner failure, a Southern California hospital contacts R.F. MacDonald Co. for a state-of-the-art burner with proven reliability

Company: Hospital in Southern California
Application: Steam for Hospital Equipment Sterilization
Job Type: Burner & Controls Retrofit
Timeframe: May 2021 to June 2021

With a good-standing relationship, R.F. MacDonald Co. has been entrusted to provide a state-of-the-art burner to an LA-area hospital. The Cleaver-Brooks SBR-5 is a <5 PPM NOx burner, achieving the highest efficiency, reliable operation and a low cost of maintenance. After excessive repairs on the hospital’s previous burners, facilities personnel concluded the existing Low NOx mesh-style burner was not fit for the job.

The Low NOx mesh-style burner continually failed and never achieved the minimum efficiency thresholds. “We never got 100 percent out of our boilers,” the boiler plant supervisor said.

Sticking to the schedule, R.F. MacDonald Co. completed one retrofit and controls upgrade in three weeks. With excitement surrounding the project, the Cleaver-Brooks factory team assisted with the startup, adding a surplus of training knowledge for the facility’s maintenance personnel.

hospital burner retrofit 5 PPM NOXIssues with the Existing Burner
• Excessive Burner Maintenance
• Low Efficiency
• Consumed High Quantities of Excess Air
• Burner Element Failures

Proven Benefits of Cleaver-Brooks SBR-5 Burner
• Long-Term Savings
• Short-Term Cost-Effective Solution
• Efficiency Improvements
• Meets Low NOx Requirements
• Improved Reliability

About the SBR-5 Burner
5PPM-NOx-BurnerThe ProFire SBR-5 series burner, capable of less than 5 PPM NOx emissions with FGR, offers natural gas fuel options from 10.5 to 42 MMBtu/hr. The superior burner technology in the SBR-5 gives it a 1 percent efficiency advantage over competitors as well as ultra-low NOx combustion. The SBR-5 attains <5 PPM NOx with flue gas recirculation (FGR).

The ProFire SBR-5 series is designed for a variety of boiler types such as firetubes and watertubes. The ProFire SBR-5 series features a unique firing-head design to achieve controlled combustion leading to ultra-low emissions with 3 percent O2, low CO emissions and up to 8:1 turndown on natural gas. Learn More

About the CB Hawk 4000 PLC
boiler controls hawk 4000Hawk boiler controls offer the most advanced features on the market and are configurable to meet the demands of almost any steam or hot water system. Key features and system based control help ensure your boilers are operating at the highest efficiency. Learn More

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