Commercial Pumps – R.F. MacDonald Co.

RFMCO Is Now An Official Grundfos Authorized Service Partner


R.F. MacDonald Co. passes rigorous external audit of its Bay Area Pump Service Center to become a Grundfos Authorized Service Partner The audit covered a broad range of requirements including technical competency, facility tools & equipment as well as health & safety readiness. And as of Friday, Aug. 26, 2022, R.F. MacDonald Co.'s Hayward Pump...


Taco Comfort Solutions Offers Easy On/Off Flange


Taco Comfort Solutions offers a new press-connect, shut-off flange for easy installation on pump circulators in domestic hot water recirculation systems Taco's lead-free shut-off Freedom Flange combines a full-port shut-off ball valve and a companion flange to isolate system circulators for easy removal and service without draining the system. Circulator installation becomes simple and saves...


Taco Comfort Solutions Offers Self-Sensing Pumps


Taco Comfort Solutions offers self-sensing pumps that use variable speed pumping technology for maximum efficiency, reducing both utility costs and carbon emissions Water Circulation Pumps & Circulators Taco's patent pending Self-Sensing ProBalance technology utilizes a variable frequency drive (VFD) meant for constant flow chiller/boiler pumps and secondary variable flow pumps. The VFD self-sensing capabilities make...


RFMCO Electric Boiler Skid for Recycling Facility

R.F. MacDonald Co. designs and assembles an all-electric boiler skid for a plastics recycling facility, helping the company uphold its green mission The plastics recycling facility desired an all-electric skid to adhere to their mission and vision of going green. The new equipment skid includes three Cleaver-Brooks emissions-free electric boilers and multiple Taco Comfort Solutions...


We are the Standard Xchange Distributor for CA & NV


R.F. MacDonald Co. celebrates one year as the Standard Xchange reps in California and Nevada, providing heat transfer for commercial HVAC applications and industrial markets Standard Xchange heat exchangers are the standard in heat transfer solutions, reliably performing their mission-critical duties day-in and day-out just as they’ve been designed, engineered and built in the USA...