Taco Comfort Solutions Offers Easy On/Off Flange


Taco Comfort Solutions offers a new press-connect, shut-off flange for easy installation on pump circulators in domestic hot water recirculation systems

Taco’s lead-free shut-off Freedom Flange combines a full-port shut-off ball valve and a companion flange to isolate system circulators for easy removal and service without draining the system. Circulator installation becomes simple and saves on materials and labor costs. Solid brass uni-body construction is available in .5-inch to 1.5-inch press, NPT or sweat connections. The swivel-flange provides easier installation and allows maintenance personnel to position the pump and lever handle in the most convenient location.

Taco-Circulator-Freedom-FlangeWith time-saving features like dual electrical knockouts, nut-grabber flanges, 6-inch stranded wire leads and no ground wire required, Taco’s high-efficiency ECM circulators were already a snap to install. Now, with Taco’s press-connect shut-off flanges, Taco’s circulators practically install themselves — and servicing them is just as easy.

Taco’s Freedom Flange fits all “00” circulators and frees maintenance personnel from scraped knuckles and jury-rigged tools. Easy-on/easy-off, sweat designs and two-piece bronze shut-off valves let maintenance personnel make quick work of pump installation and pump repairs.

Features and Benefits
• 3/4” to 1-1/2” Sizes
• NSF/ANSI 61 & 372
• Easy ¼ Turn Open/Close Operation
• Full Port Ball Valve for Unrestricted Flow
• Solid Lead-Free Brass Construction
• Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems
• Hydronic Heating & Chilled Water Cooling
• Solar/Geothermal Systems
• Radiant Heating Systems

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