Inoxpa Pumps Are Ideal for Pump Overs in the Wine Market


Inoxpa is a leading manufacturer of helicoidal wine transfer and progressive cavity solids-handling pumps, mixers and valves — all ideal for the wine market

Inoxpa offers a design capable of meeting the most demanding hygiene and automation requirements specified by the wine industry. The video below shows Inoxpa centrifugal pumps with helicoidal impeller used in the pump over process.

Inoxpa PumpsRed Wine Production

Alcoholic fermentation of wine is a biological process, triggered with the addition of yeasts, in which the sugars in the must turn into ethyl alcohol, gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2), heat and other byproducts.

CO2 causes the solids, mainly the skins, to rise to the surface of the must. This phenomenon forms a compact layer at the top called the cap. The cap protects the must from bacteria and oxidation.

Pump Over Application

The must can be pumped over to make the mixture in the tank consistent. This technique consists of transferring the fermenting must from the bottom to the top of the tank to soak the cap. Spraying devices can also be used to distribute it evenly over the surface and they also prevent the formation of channels that could affect the maceration process.

Inoxpa Pumps

Inoxpa’s compact sanitary design of the wine transfer pump makes it ideal for use in cellars. Wine transfer pumps are ideal for barrel work, filtering and other winemaking applications. Gentle transfer and minimum shear make Inoxpa wine transfer pumps perfect for any winemaking application.

Wine transfer pumps are also available on mobile carts designed for stationary or mobile use in any wine application especially cellar operations.


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