Xylem Goulds Offers Condition Monitoring for Pumps, Motors


The condition monitoring predictive maintenance device monitors the health of rotating and fixed assets for pumps, motors, heat exchangers and steam traps

Information is monitored, collected, stored and analyzed in the optimyze sensor. This allows you to understand the current health and historical trends of your assets, create maintenance reminders and generate detailed reports. As a result, you can perform preventative maintenance before issues become critical to uptime.

Xylem-pump-condition-monitoring-sensorIn addition, it periodically monitors system vibration (3 axis) and temperature and allows every boiler maintenance team to access simple-to-use tools on an iOS or Android device. Using predictive analysis, optimyze identifies potential problems with equipment before they occur to help manage system reliability, maintenance and the bottom line.


• Predictive maintenance to monitor the health of mechanical and electrical assets
• Asset management including asset location, size and manufacturing date
• System transparency to optimize reliability
• Optimized reporting helps to simplify documentation, manage system maintenance and inform purchasing
• The ability to automatically share data with multiple local users
• Conveniently monitor system conditions on simple-to-use mobile application



• Monitoring the vibration of pumps and motors
• Monitoring the temperature of pump bearings
• Monitoring the temperature of motors to prevent overheating and winding damage


• Commercial Building Services
• Manufacturing
• Agriculture
• Water Utilities

optimyze Complements Xylem Goulds Pumps

• Goulds Water Technology e-SV multistage pumps
• Goulds Water Technology e-SH end suction centrifugal pumps
• Goulds Water Technology vertical industrial turbine (VIT) pumps
• Xylem e-XC double suction centrifugal pumps
• Xylem e-MP multistage ring section pump

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