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Inoxpa Pumps Are Ideal for Pump Overs in the Wine Market


Inoxpa is a leading manufacturer of helicoidal wine transfer and progressive cavity solids-handling pumps, mixers and valves — all ideal for the wine market Inoxpa offers a design capable of meeting the most demanding hygiene and automation requirements specified by the wine industry. The video below shows Inoxpa centrifugal pumps with helicoidal impeller used in...


RFMCO Revisits Completed Food Processing Projects

Food Processing Boiler Projects

Providing boilers and equipment for various applications in food processing industry With projects like dairy plants, wineries, snack manufacturers, and more, R.F. MacDonald Co. boasts phenomenal experience working with the food process applications. The video below provides brief insight on a selection of R.F. MacDonald's recent projects, showing off equipment like watertube and firetube boilers,...


Hands-On Boiler Operator Workshop Video

boiler training

Boiler training video shows hands-on learning with boiler controls, including burner flame controls, combustion controls, steam pressure controls and more R.F. MacDonald Co.’s Boiler Operator Workshop is beneficial for all boiler maintenance personnel — whether your facility uses steam boilers or hot water boilers. This boiler training class often hosts operators with little-to-no experience and...


Toyo/Hevvy Sand Dredging Pump Rental

Sand Dredging Pump Rental

Toyo/Hevvy DP 20 Sand Dredging Pump added to pump rental fleet for all dredging, sand/gravel excavations, hazardous waste cleanup, sump cleanup and silt removals Toyo/Hevvy can slurry up to 2.4 inch solids with its patented agitator — download the brochure and spec sheet. The technologically advanced agitator slurries solids more efficiently, enhancing production and easing...