Boiler Refractory Around Burner Timelapse Video

Refractory Installation After Burner Retrofit and other Boiler Service

R.F. MacDonald Co. shares time lapse video of boilermaker installing refractory around burner throat to complete burner retrofit installation at Central Valley winery

Our 24/7 field service availability makes us one of the strongest resources for boiler service in California and Nevada. Our customers expect and deserve prompt reliable service for the products we provide.

We highly recommend taking steps to ensure your boiler equipment is protected. Below are some valuable tips when inspecting your boiler.

Remove, check and clean dampers, nozzles, electrodes, scanners, hoses, compressors, filters, diffusers, etc. for blockage and/or damage.

Check for cracking. Unrepaired cracks, even minor ones, can reduce boiler efficiency and allow warping and damage to occur on vital metal surfaces.

Proper water levels, operating pressures and control devices are critical to your boiler system’s performance. Carefully check gauge glass for cracks or erosion and inspect the float and switches. Check the operation of all limit switches and sequences of operation timing.

Clean out any detectable soot. Soot can reduce the efficiency of your boiler tubes, tube sheets and furnace area. Replace fireside gaskets when closing the boiler.

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