Boiler & Pump Training — Operators, Maintenance Personnel & Engineers

R.F. MacDonald Co. services and sells boilers, pumps, composites and accessories for commercial and industrial applications.


Boiler Training


Boiler Operator’s Workshop

Boiler Tech TrainingThis two-day workshop is designed for maintenance, plant, stationary or mechanical engineers as well as maintenance personnel who are responsible for repairing and troubleshooting boilers. However, anyone seeking a basic working knowledge of boiler room equipment will benefit from this class. CWEA & AFE Certified.

March 19/20, 2019 – Modesto, CA (Steam Boilers)
March 21/22, 2019 – Modesto, CA (Hydronic Boilers)
April 9/10, 2019 – Reno, NV (Steam Boilers)
April 11/12, 2019 – Reno, NV (Hydronic Boilers)
May 14/15, 2019 – Santa Fe Springs, CA (Steam Boilers)
May 16/17, 2019 – Santa Fe Springs, CA (Hydronic Boilers)
June 4/5, 2019 – Hayward, CA (Steam Boilers)
June 6/7, 2019 – Hayward, CA (Hydronic Boilers)
July 16/17, 2019 – San Diego, CA (Steam Boilers)
July 18/19, 2019 – San Diego, CA (Hydronic Boilers)
Sept. 24/25, 2019 – Fresno, CA (Steam Boilers)
Sept. 26/27, 2019 – Fresno, CA (Hydronic Boilers)
Oct. 22/23, 2019 – Bakersfield, CA (Steam Boilers)



Cleaver-Brooks Systems Plus

Level 1: Operations, Safety, Reliability and Efficiency
Boiler TrainingThis two-day course is designed for Boiler Operators, Maintenance Personnel and front line Supervisory Personnel. The class reviews a boiler, how it operates and what ancillary equipment is required to support its operation. Additionally, the program stresses safety and the proper operating practices required to maximize efficient, safe and reliable service of the equipment.

November 6/7, 2018 – Fresno, CA
2019 Classes TBA



Cleaver-Brooks Advanced Systems Plus

The Next Level Training
boiler trainingUsing the information provided in the Level 1 training as a base, the advanced course emphasizes boiler evolution and applications, control schemes, burner advances, energy conservation, emissions, system reliability and safety. This course includes an indepth understanding of boilers and how they can be successfully applied to all processes, as well as how energy can be saved through retrofit options and controls. The program extends into the plant to include key components of steam distribution and condensate returns. Attendees should have taken the Level 1 Course – or have equivalent experience.



Pump Training


Basic Pump & Mechanical Seal Training

Pump TrainingThis two-day class covers basic pump types and hydraulics, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps and seals, the do’s and dont’s of pump installation, operation tips and new technology. This is a lecture class with opportunity for interaction. Many field examples with photos are used along with actual pumps and seals to enhance comprehension. CWEA & AFE Certified.

November 13/14, 2018 – Modesto, CA
February 5/6, 2019 – Santa Fe Springs, CA
March 5/6, 2019 – Hayward, CA
May 7/8, 2019 – Reno, NV
November 12/13, 2019 – Fresno, CA


Hands-On Pump Workshop

pump trainingThis hands-on, two-day course is designed for maintenance and operator personnel who are responsible for repairing and troubleshooting Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals as well as engineers who want hands-on experience. There is a one hour overview on centrifugal pump components and their function. The course is conducted in a classroom/shop environment. Two students to a pump station for maximum hands-on learning.
Attendees will be given a completion certificate approved by the CWEA (California Water Environment Association) and the AFE (Association for Facilities Engineering), which can be applied towards the continuing education requirement for recertification.

*NEW* October 18/19, 2018 – Reno, NV
April 9/10, 2019 – Sacramento, CA
July 16/17, 2019 – Hayward, CA
July 18/19, 2019 – Hayward, CA
September 17/18, 2019 – Santa Fe Springs, CA
September 19/20, 2019 – Santa Fe Springs, CA
October 15/16, 2019 – Reno, NV
December 3/4, 2019 – Rohnert Park, CA



Viking Pump Factory-Rep Training

Pump TrainingThis is an extensive pump training class delivered by an experienced Viking instructor in a highly interactive classroom environment. The hands on pump course is ideal for maintenance and operations personnel who operate Viking Pumps and those who would like to learn more about Positive Displacement pumps. Training will be conducted by Viking Pump factory staff. When calling to register, please note what date you will be attending.

*There are no 2019 classes scheduled.
*Call us to start a registration list for 2020.