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March 24, 2023

2023 Persistence Awards

Boiler Admin Service Awards 2022
Boiler Experts Larry Bergmann & Doug Vickery Retire
May 3, 2021

Boiler Experts Larry Bergmann & Doug Vickery Retire

Instrumentation & Controls expert Larry Bergman retires after 24 years and Boiler Sales Engineer Doug Vickery retires after 38 years with R.F. MacDonald Co. The Modesto office has grown because of their hard work and persistence.
Modesto Office Retired 4-27-2021
March 13, 2020

Trade Show Highlights 2020

Unified Wine Symposium Sacramento, California
  • • The biggest wine show RFMCO attends annually!
  • • Two days with rows of booths and displays across the massive Cal Expo campus
  • • We introduced our brand new Wine Show backdrop display, showcasing boiler and pump products used in the wine process
  • • Boerger pumps joined us with a series of working positive displacement pumps
  • • Warren Rupp Sandpiper displayed a working air-operated diaphragm pump
  • • Congrats to one lucky customer who won our MacDonald Family Wine - The MacDonald Family wine is a pristine bottle of Pinot Noir from our CEO's MacDonald Family Vineyards
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CLFP Trade Show Santa Clara, California
  • • A large food producer expo we attend annually!
  • • Two days of great conversations throughout the convention center
  • • We showed off a new slide show of recent food processing RFMCO projects
  • • One of the hottest giveaways this year was RFMCO pocket-sized hand sanitizers!
  • • We also had another popular giveaway with BJM Pump's chicken squeak toys!
  • • Grundfos joined our presentation with a chemical dosing pump demonstration
  • • Congrats to one lucky customer from Paradise Tomato Kitchens who won the MacDonald Family Wine
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March 13, 2020

COVID-19 Resources

Preventing outbreak of the novel coronavirus, designated COVID-19, is no easy task at all, as it requires a unified effort to keep each other safe and healthy. Check out this collection of resources to help you press on at home and in the office during this flu season! Most importantly, remember that your local medical care provider is the best resource for information, advice, and care. *The following documents were last updated March 14th, 2020   RFMCO Health & Safety Tip Sheet View Document   Kaiser Permanente Official COVID-19 Release View Document   Dr. James Robb's Avoiding The 19 View Document   Harvard Medical: Social Distancing FAQ Read Article   The Guardian: Shelter-In-Place Explained Read Article   WHNT: Free Homeschooling For Kids Read Article   RFMCO Corporate Update (for Employees) See the RFMCO Intranet > Human Resources > RFMCO-2020-COVID-19-Communication   R.F. MacDonald Co. Puts Employee Health & Safety First
March 12, 2020

2020 Persistence Awards!

R.F. MacDonald Co. celebrates 25 individuals who have helped us grow over the years. boiler and pump experts
March 1, 2020

Putting Safety First: Poison Hazards

The Latest From Safety Bytes: A Quarterly Update On RFMCO Safety 2019 was a record safe year for R.F. MacDonald Co. employees! However, safety doesn’t stop when you leave from work. Injuries at home are on the rise in the US, and recently, poisonings surpassed vehicle accidents as the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths. In fact, there are over 2 million poisoning incidents reported to poison control centers nationwide each year. Several household items present poisoning hazards, including cleaning and home maintenance supplies. However, a little diligence and the right know-how can decrease the chance of anyone in your family becoming a victim. Ways to minimize risks:
  • Store Medications Properly Both over-the-counter and prescription medications need to be kept away from children and teens. Dispose of all unused medications and never leave them out on a counter
  • Keep Paint Out of Reach Even paint that isn’t lead based needs to be properly stored and kept out of reach of children
  • Make Sure Chemicals Are Secure Protect both children and pets from accidental poisoning by cleaning supplies. Keep all household cleaners in a high cupboard with a safety lock to keep kids and animals from accidentally finding them
  • Put Away Personal Products Keep all makeup, hair products, soaps, and other personal products out of the reach of children and pets
  • Lock Up Detergent As with all household cleaners, keep detergent locked out of reach of pets and kids. If you use detergent pods, make sure children don’t mistake them for candy
Presented quarterly by the R.F. MacDonald Co. Safety Team
14 Year Shop Manager Retires
January 23, 2020

14 Year Shop Manager Retires

Terry Brannan joined R.F. MacDonald in 2005, and gained a fast reputation for reliability and persistence. Terry boasts witty humor and an approachable personality, and now he gets to enjoy some new adventures under the sun with his newfound free time. He's not opening shop tomorrow, he's gone fishing! Hayward Office Retired 12-31-2019
In Memory of Paul Landsperg
November 27, 2019

In Memory of Paul Landsperg

Paul Landsperg, a long time R.F. MacDonald Co. boilermaker, passed away June 2, 2019. Paul started his career at Quality Boiler before coming to RFM. He quickly earned a reputation for his dedication and hard work. Almost every apprentice spent their first year training with Paul, including our current SFS service manager. He considered RFM to be family, and we feel the same way. He will be missed and remembered.
2019 SFS Vendor Day
November 14, 2019

2019 SFS Vendor Day

The Boiler & Pump Parts Dept. hosted its first Vendor Day in Santa Fe Springs last Wednesday. With beautiful weather and perfectly smoked barbecue, everyone enjoyed the conversation and prizes. Thank you to all of the vendors who contributed to the fun!