California Hosts Largest Food Processing Expo

food boilers

R.F. MacDonald Co. exhibited at the California Food Show this year, which was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the Bay Area

The event draws some of the largest food producers in the world. In compliance with California’s strict air emission regulations, RFMCO supports this group by achieving and maintaining emission limits for food processors from small to the very largest — food production includes snack foods, juices, sauces, olive oils and specialty food products. Low emission burners and SCR systems accompanied by ongoing training and education keep our clients up to date.

Boilers and pumps are just one piece of the food processing industry. Each year, RFMCO showcases our product strengths with case studies or at least one new industry improvement. Industrial food boilers produce steam or hot water to process, cook and sanitize food as well as clean facility equipment. Because boilers can manage high pressures, they are perfect for food processing.

Food processing requires cleanup each day. Of the many pumps used to wash, sanitize and remove food from processing equipment, R.F. MacDonald Co. recommends and showcased Grundfos and BJM pumps. Grundfos Dosing pumps are best at cleaning hose lines with metered injections while BJM shredder pumps can macerate nearly all food solids.

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food boilers