Cleaver-Brooks Introduces Prometha Monitoring

Cleaver-Brooks Prometha

Introducing Prometha by Cleaver-Brooks: Feel The Power of Total Integration At Your Fingertips

Prometha serves as your central communication solution bringing all of your information into one place to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable boiler operations.

Cleaver-Brooks Prometha Connected Solutions collects over 250 data points every 6 seconds. Key boiler analytics are available on custom dashboards, like information on the equipment’s firing rate, O2 level, efficiency metrics, operating pressure, temperatures, cycles, set points, and more.

R.F. MacDonald Co. recommends Prometha for any industry, as it offers the user the ability to remotely monitor boiler systems from anywhere, providing alerts and actionable insights that help prevent or reduce unplanned downtime, lower operational costs, and prolong equipment life. Prometha’s consistent data collection makes it easy to monitor and compare performance across all boiler plants, and detailed reports show operational trends over time to help users make better-informed decisions. Setup and installation is simple, utilizing Cleaver-Brooks’ plug-and-play technology and requiring no onsite programming or configuration. The product also uses a cellular connection and does not require access to a user’s Wi-Fi or LAN, thereby protecting company information.

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Cleaver-Brooks Prometha

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