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ITT Goulds Pumps Examines Critical Pump Life Factors


ITT Goulds Pumps identifies 4 critical factors to prevent premature pump failure: oil contamination, oil viscosity, air cooling, and monitoring bearing failure Four Critical Factors for Longer Pump Life An ITT Goulds Pumps expert details how four (4) critical factors have the greatest impact on a pump's lifespan; therefore, understanding and monitoring these elements will...


NorCal Water Utility Displays Retired ITT Goulds Pump

NorCal water utility displays a retired ITT Goulds 3410L Pump after successfully pumping an estimated 15 billion gallons of water during its lifecycle "We took one of our old 3410L Gould’s, cleaned it up, painted it, and mounted in front of the office by our flag pole. We figure this pump gave us great service...