NorCal Water Utility Displays Retired ITT Goulds Pump

NorCal water utility displays a retired ITT Goulds 3410L Pump after successfully pumping an estimated 15 billion gallons of water during its lifecycle

“We took one of our old 3410L Gould’s, cleaned it up, painted it, and mounted in front of the office by our flag pole. We figure this pump gave us great service doing over an estimated 15 billion gallons of water to the treatment plant. Next time you guys are up I would like to get a picture of the R.F. MacDonald Co. team next to the pump.” — Maintenance Supervisor

The Model 3410L comes from the most complete line of double suction pumps in the industry manufactured by ITT Goulds Pumps. As a large capacity industrial pump, the Model 3410L is one reliable, consistent, and especially durable machine. Particularly suited for the aforementioned utility application, the pump can handle high or low lifts and all types of water pumpage like wash water, raw water, waste water, cooling water, and more! Able to pump capacities up to 7,000 GPM and heads up to 550 feet, this pump was installed with great confidence that it would excel in the service required.

Shown here on display next to the flagpole, the ITT Goulds Pumps Model 3410L

ITT Goulds Pumps is among the most widely recognized and respected brands in the global pump industry, serving customers in the oil and gas, mining, power generation, chemical, pulp and paper, and general industrial markets. As the only manufacturer to make digital monitoring standard on every process pump, ITT Goulds Pumps continues to lead the industry in both mechanical pump design and the adoption of smart technologies.

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