SF Company Saves Big On Energy Costs With ClearFire-C Boilers

ClearFire-C Boiler Setup

San Francisco-Based Biopharmaceutical Company Installs ClearFire-C Boilers to Meet Bay Area Emissions Requirements And Save Big On Energy Costs

Emissions requirements in the Bay Area can be some of the most strict standards to come across along the West Coast, pressing large facilities with varied equipment to prepare for necessary changes to satisfy these expectations. Not only do the facilities want to fulfill the immediate standards declared by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), but they also want to proactively run an installation that can adjust to changing requirements for years to come. One particular biopharmaceutical company in San Francisco evaluated their campus systems that were using Cleaver-Brooks FLX boilers, and noted that the local requirement changes to flue gas temperatures, permitted NOx, and boiler size would impact their machinery at the time. This company reached out to Cleaver-Brooks and local representative, R.F. MacDonald Co., to coordinate a strategy to replace their current technology with innovative and reliable condensing boilers that exceed emissions and added cost expectations.

Integrated sets of Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-C boilers were installed in each research building

The decision was made to install nine ClearFire-C boilers dispersed between four buildings. R.F. MacDonald Co. engineers strategically paired together boilers to reach the capacities needed, as multiple condensing boilers in proper integration can improve turndown capability while maintaining service consistency. Regulations allowed each building to keep one of the original FLX boilers, so a hybrid boiler management system was set up to allow coordinated control of the intermixed technology. The resulting system allowed for continuous monitoring of the hot water loop and outdoor temperatures to maintain efficiencies, improve performance, maximize energy savings, and optimize condensing capabilities of the ClearFire-C installments.

This complete system exceeded preliminary analysis and expectations, and showed impressive savings on fuel costs, which amounted to over 30% less than the year prior. One building alone recorded approximately $90,000 in energy savings following the integration of the new condensing boiler technology. Ultimately, the campus saw such excellent performance of the system as a whole, that analysis saw a full return on the investment in only two years thanks to the well-planned strategy and execution from R.F. MacDonald Co.’s technicians and engineers.

R.F. MacDonald Co. not only provides you with top-rated Cleaver-Brooks equipment, but also expert service and training to utilize your boiler system to its fullest. Find out today how R.F. MacDonald Co. can help you save thousands running the right boiler equipment for your installation needs!

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